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Our global community of Talent Economists are evidence-led facilitators
of an organization's strategic talent agenda. In practice, the toolkit
they use stands on three distinct principles:

1. Deep diagnosis provides some of the best & clearest starting points
for talent strategy. Talent Economists always start with diagnosis from
the outside-in. This is because talent circumstances differ by country,
by industry and sometimes even by business units within a company. It is
for exactly this reason that we often see one-sized solutions miss their

2. Talent strategy conversations must be simple, commercial, evidence
based and in the language of the business. They must also bring forth a
clear investment hypothesis for the short and long terms.

3. Future capability strategy must remain anchored in the boardroom and
led by business leaders. While HR and other functions like Finance are
key partners in execution, it is important that the strategy reflects
all possible sources of future capability; from employees and
contractors, all the way to acquisitions, joint ventures, digital and
machine learning.

Key Topics Covered:

Day One

Digital Disruption and Future Capabilities:

  • Reconnection with the Talent Economics philosophy and tools
  • Digital disruption and emergent capabilities
  • Flexible and responsive talent systems
  • Building a risk map: a global view of 51 emergent talent risks
  • Strategies to mitigate disruptive talent risk

Day Two

Application and Strategy:

  • Two goals: Cultivating Capability and Curating Contribution
  • Finding and keeping talent in hyperconnected and social markets
  • Applying the learning: Distributed Talent Strategy case study
  • Building your 2025 talent playbook: identifying high value talent
    plays back at work
  • Summary of learning and program closure

Application Phase

Application phase with on-demand coaching (4 weeks - back at
work / virtual)

Participants access online tools and research to map opportunities and
risks within their existing talent system, and receive on-demand
coaching during the entire application phase.

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