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Tavant AI-Powered Digital Lending Platform to Connect With Lender Price Product, Pricing and Eligibility Engine


Product Connectivity to Provide Lenders with Path to Faster Mortgage

a digital products and platforms provider to consumer lending companies,
announced today that it is collaborating with the mortgage technology
company Lender Price to provide lenders with access to Lender Price's
Product Pricing and Eligibility Engine (PPE) via Tavant FinConnect, the
data and services bus for the mortgage industry and part of its VΞLOX
suite of products. The purpose of the collaboration is to provide the
two firms' mutual customers with significant time and resource savings
by offering a pre-built connection between the two platforms.

Tavant FinConnect is a data and services integration platform that
facilitates the integration, transformation and consumption of multiple
information sources during the loan origination process. Lender Price
PPE is a dynamic product, pricing and eligibility engine that offers
bi-directional system-to-system integration capability, omni-channel
product support, full mobile functionality and advanced pricing
intelligence and analytics.

Tavant will work with Lender Price to create a pre-built connector
between its platform and the pricing engine, which will be designed to
provide mortgage banking lender clients with faster time-to-market at
reduced risk due to lower administration costs, and eliminate the need
for a custom point-to-point integration between their systems. Moreover,
economies of scale are expected to result in significant cost savings
for lenders via a field-tested and proven connection between the two
companies' platforms that will reduce effort in both the planning and
system development stages of a typical mortgage technology project.

"We are excited to develop this ready-to-go connector between Tavant
FinConnect and Lender Price's Mortgage Pricing Engine. The integration
will provide our portfolio of clients with a tried and tested access and
integration path to one of the industry's premier product pricing and
eligibility engines. Since this capability is one of the core elements
of executing a digital mortgage strategy, it will go a long way to
accelerating the lender on its path to total digital transformation and
consequential productivity gains," observed Hassan Rashid, Tavant's
Chief Revenue Officer.

"Connecting our pricing engine with Tavant's industry-leading platform
is in the best interest of our customers. This collaboration streamlines
the development process for our shared digital mortgage customers by
creating a more efficient path toward the lender's goals," commented
Jerry Halbrook, Lender Price Chief Executive Officer. "We continually
look for ways to fast-track value to our clients, and this technology
partnership will allow all parties to focus on the optimization of core
mortgage processes," continued Halbrook.

"While this collaboration serves to facilitate the path to a digital
mortgage strategy for our mutual customers, it should be noted that both
Lender Price and Tavant remain committed to supporting their clients'
freedom to choose the technologies and integrations that work best for
them," elaborated Rashid.

About Tavant VΞLOX and FinConnect

Tavant FinConnect is an integration platform for mortgage-specific data
and services, providing secure connectors to value-added third-party
vendors, including Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty™ designated vendors.
FinConnect supplies on-demand data directly from the information source,
enabling a simple end-to-end digital mortgage experience for the

Tavant VΞLOX is the industry's leading AI digital platform that
maximizes the use of data-driven processes in the automation of the loan
origination lifecycle. It brings true digital disruption to the mortgage
industry with an immersive omni-channel experience and high velocity
execution: from home discovery to loan funding.

About Tavant Technologies

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tavant
is a digital products and platforms company that
provides impactful results to its customers across North
America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 2000, the company employs
over 2500 people and is a recognized top employer. Tavant is creating an
AI-powered intelligent lending enterprise by reimagining customer
experiences, driving operational efficiencies and improving

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About Lender Price

Lender Price is a California-based technology innovator and developer of
an industry leading digital lending technology platform and product,
pricing and eligibility engine, real-time pricing analytics all in
support of omni-channel lending strategies, full mobile functionality
and an end-to-end digital experience for both consumers and mortgage

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