Market Overview

WoundMatrix Redefines Patient Care and Projects Healthy Savings for UK-based Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust


Significant financial savings per caseload with mobile telehealth and
big data analytics platform

., an industry leader in clinician mobile wound documentation,
measurement and outcome tracking solution for any home or clinical
setting, announced it has entered into a 10-year partnership agreement
with Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT) in the United
Kingdom, which has launched its new telemedicine and woundcare
programme. KCHFT is redefining its patient care and projecting to make
significant savings per individual case using WoundMatrix.

Identifying, preventing and treating wounds accounts for 60 percent of
the community nursing workload. The WoundMatrix mobile application, used
by these nurses on mobile tablets, provides KCHFT clinicians with
real-time access to monitor and track the progress of their patients'
wounds, including painful sores or ulcers, known as pressure ulcers.
Nurses and clinicians can refer and access real-time high definition
images, measurement and progress of the wounds and will be able to
assess and prescribe next steps quicker and more effectively, making
sure patients consistently receive good quality wound care.

The grand opening of the specialist wound medicine centre, highlighting
the WoundMatrix mobile application, was held at Sevenoaks Hospital on
October 13, 2017 with prestigious guest including the local Member of
Parliament, Sir Michael Fallon, KCHFT's Chief Executive Paul Bentley and
Chairman David Griffiths. Additional attendees included Sevenoaks'
League of Friends Chairman Ian Philip and President Roger Hope and
KCHFT's Sevenoaks Governor Jo Naismith.

Sir Michael Fallon said, "This new centre is an important addition to
our local health services because treating wounds requires specialist
ongoing care. Its unique state-of-the-art equipment helps keep Sevenoaks
one step ahead in the services it provides."

The WoundMatrix technology has been in development since 2000 and is so
advanced it will allow clinicians to map the wound bed, meaning it
accurately measures each tissue type so a comparison can be made with
previous assessments. Sean Geary, CEO of WoundMatrix, said, "The 10-year
partnership between WoundMatrix and KCHFT could revolutionize wound care
in the home. The program is expected to reach 5000 users in the Kent
community over the next two years."

"We are always looking to improve the way we manage wounds, including
the prevalence of pressure wounds and diabetic ulcers, and are confident
this technology is an absolute game-changer for community health
services," said Eldon Macarthur, KCHFT's Head of IT Systems and Business
Change. "The projected outcome of the new WoundMatrix platform includes
a reduction in the Trust's prescribing budget through an increase in the
appropriate use of dressings, together with how regularly they are used
or changed."

The WoundMatrix system has been designed as a support technology and
does not replace the clinical expertise of our nurses but provides the
evidence to assist them with their clinical decisions. In fact the nurse
specialists responsible for wound care in Kent have been instrumental in
the design of the application. In doing so they know it will enhance
their capabilities for creating treatment plans with their patients,
digitally capture the wound, allow users to define wound edges and
tissue types and significantly reduce the time to assess and deliver a
higher quality care and wound outcomes.

About WoundMatrix

WoundMatrix is a complete Mobile Wound Management/Telehealth solution
for the secure capture, measurement and upload of images and data
elements at the patient point of care. For more information visit:

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