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AppDynamics Unveils Vision for the Next Generation Business iQ, Paving the Way for a New Era of the CIO and Digital Business


Next-gen Business iQ to include Business Journeys, delivering a
single, correlated view of performance across distributed business
processes in real-time

CIOs will be able to drive business strategy and growth by elevating
their role from supporting the business to driving revenue and
influencing business strategy

AppDynamics also expands its machine learning capabilities with
automated root cause analysis while broadening its data model with new
IoT agent and network visibility

a Cisco
company and the leader in application intelligence, today announced all
new IoT and network visibility, new machine learning capabilities, and
vision for the next generation Business iQ, giving CIOs a bold new
future with one platform to drive the business through the complexity of
the digital economy.

Every enterprise is deploying more and more software across public,
private and multicloud environments. However, they don't have a
correlated view of business and technology performance — leading to lost
customers and frustrated executives who don't know the impact technology
performance is having on the business. In fact, only 12 percent of
technology and c-level executives believe that IT organizations are very
effective at leading digital transformations across their business,
according to a recent
McKinsey report

"AppDynamics delivered a cultural change for digital business by
creating a common language between the business and IT," said David
Wadhwani, CEO, AppDynamics. "The next generation of Business iQ is a
leap forward for our industry, moving from performance monitoring and
technical metrics to a world of predictively driving business outcomes
across the entire digital experience. Now, more than ever, CIOs can play
a more strategic role in the business."

Introducing the Next Generation of Business iQ

When AppDynamics introduced Business iQ it revolutionized the CIO's
relationship with the business by showing how technology performance
affects business performance. For the first time ever, CIOs were
elevated from servicing the business to driving it.

As application success becomes indistinguishable from business success,
AppDynamics is taking the relationship between the app and the business
to the next level and changing the way businesses visualize and optimize
their processes. Built to empower modern CIOs to transition their
organizations from servicing the business to driving the business,
Business iQ will enable enterprises to realize faster Mean Time to
Business Awareness (MTBA). The next-gen of Business iQ will provide CIOs
the single visual of customer experiences the way they actually unfold
in real time across any device. The next-gen Business iQ will include:

  • Business Journeys — With AppDynamics Business Journeys, digital
    companies will be able to link multiple, distributed business events
    into a single business process that reflects the way customers
    interact with a business. Business Journeys will also be able to be
    tailored to any digital process, in any industry and any company,
    enabling unlimited possibilities for CIOs to truly drive the digital
  • Experience Level Management (XLM) With XLM,
    enterprises will be able to establish custom experience levels and
    thresholds by customer, location or device. For example, the CIO of a
    major retailer will be able to deliver tailored experiences for its
    top customers throughout the customer journey by setting unique
    performance thresholds across its websites, mobile apps, in-store
    wireless and at the checkout register.

New Visibility for a New Kind of Innovation

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use
worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion
by 20201. IoT devices create another channel to engage with
customers, and if properly measured and optimized, can create game
changing business benefits. With all new IoT visibility, businesses can
convert rich and invaluable insights into consumer behavior, buying
patterns, and business impacts. IoT visibility includes:

  • Device business impact — Together with Business iQ, IoT visibility
    will provide unprecedented insight into how IoT devices are driving
    business impact. And because these insights are delivered through a
    single platform, IoT visibility is the first and only solution that
    maps and correlates entire customer journeys — from device, to
    customer touchpoint, to business conversions.
  • Device application visibility — AppDynamics' new IoT visibility
    provides an aggregated view into device uptime, version status and
    performance, enabling drill-down views into the device to simplify the
    troubleshooting of complex IoT devices.
  • Custom dashboards — Every company measures success differently. With
    custom dashboards in IoT visibility, companies from any vertical can
    quickly build new visualizations to measure the business impact of IoT
    devices — from the revenue impact of a slow check out for a brick and
    mortar retailer to the customer impact of a software change in a
    connected car.

Additionally, enterprises are building new applications using next gen
architectures, multiple clouds and microservices — creating deeper
visibility needs. AppDynamics is bolstering its unified platform with
all new network visibility delivered through a single UI. With new
network visibility, enterprises will be able to understand the impact
that the network is having on their business performance, allowing IT
teams to quickly identify if an issue is from the application code or
the network layer, for example. And, because only AppDynamics has the
capability to deploy controllers across multiple clouds, customers don't
have to make a compromise of using yet another siloed tool or separate
controllers resulting in slower troubleshooting.

For the first time, every function will be able to operate off the same
application intelligence, whether you're a developer, operations leader,
product manager, hardware engineer, or network engineer. But this is
just the beginning of what's possible for correlating network
performance to business performance now that AppDynamics is part of the
Cisco family.

The Pioneer in Monitoring with Applied Machine Learning

Machine learning has been part of AppDynamics' fabric since
the very beginning
. It enabled the company to change the way
businesses monitor their application performance with a patented data
model comprised of Business Transactions (BT) that changed an entire
industry. This novel and radical idea expanded the focus of performance
monitoring from machines and processes to uncover how real customers
interact with the business through production software at scale.

Recent advances have enabled AppDynamics to make machine learning a more
visible component of the App iQ platform. Included in the latest release
of App iQ is the KPI analyzer, which applies machine learning to
automate root cause analysis. With the KPI analyzer, customers can
isolate the metrics that are the most likely contributors to poor
performance, and identifies the likely degree of impact on the KPI for
each metric, automatically. The KPI analyzer makes troubleshooting root
cause as simple as clicking a prompt to surface the underlying issue
most likely to be the root cause of degraded performance.


  • "Before AppDynamics we relied on alerting systems which only
    identified issues with the technology. But the business doesn't care
    if a particular server was up, it cares that a particular business
    transaction is completed successfully. One of the key advantages that
    we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both
    business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a
    single source of truth. IT is no longer a bunch of folks off in the
    background building stuff." — John Hill, CIO, Carhartt
  • "The role of I&O professionals increasingly includes not only
    justifying the cost of running the IT infrastructure, but also, more
    importantly, providing business executives with metrics and data that
    support business operations. However, while the I&O organization is
    comfortable monitoring network availability, application uptime and
    application response times, the business ultimately cares about how
    those things translate into revenue, cost, risk or some other business
    value metric."2

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