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Gorilla Safety Offers $10 Per Month AOBRD to Help Small Fleets and Owner Operators Transition to Electronic Logging Device Mandate


Company's Affordable AOBRD Includes Hardware and Software; Additional
Special Offers Extended to OOIDA Members

, provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented software
solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety
management, announced today it is helping fleets prepare for the
December 18, 2017 deadline when, according to the Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Administration (FMCSA), Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) become
mandatory for motor carriers and commercial drivers.

The impending ruling
allows for three phases of implementation
, to provide fleets ample
time to adapt and transition to the final ELD adoption stage and meet
those requirements. According to the FMCSA, an ELD must automatically
record drivers' time behind the wheel and other hours-of-service (HOS)
data. This capability allows for easier, more accurate HOS
recordkeeping, making it simpler for commercial vehicle operators to
create precise reports. An ELD monitors a vehicle's engine to capture
data on whether the engine is running, whether the vehicle is moving,
miles driven and duration of engine operation (engine hours).

To help bridge the gap between the Phase 1 and Phase 3 deadlines,
Gorilla Safety is offering affordable
AOBRD technology
for fleets in transition to help ensure they meet
the initial deadline. While AOBRD -- the ELD predecessor -- is the
previous acceptable technology, the FMCSA ELD ruling does allow drivers
to use an AOBRD for the next two years (from December 18, 2017-December
16, 2019), only on the condition that it was installed prior to the
effective date of the mandate (before December 18, 2017). A
grandfathered AOBRD is considered to be a device that motor carriers
installed and required its drivers to use before the new ELD compliance
ruling was established and takes effect.

Gorilla Safety is offering its AOBRD for $10.00 per month, including
hardware, with a typical turnaround time of approximately 3-4 weeks.
There will likely be a limited supply as the deadline nears, so Gorilla
Safety is encouraging fleets to place
their orders soon
to allow enough time to meet the deadline.

Furthermore, to help facilitate AOBRD adoption and mandate adherence,
Gorilla Safety is offering any member of the Owner-Operator Independent
Drivers Association (OOIDA), the international trade association
representing the interests of independent owner-operators and
professional drivers on all issues that affect

truckers, a complimentary month of AOBRD subscription. This is to help
every small business owner and owner operator remain compliant while
they become accustomed to these new regulations.

"Using an AOBRD instead of taking risks by putting off implementation
enables fleets to continue operations without any interruption or fear
of being placed out of service by the FMCSA. The AOBRD also provides
fleets and drivers more confidence as they transition to compliance more
smoothly than they might with an ELD. By using an AOBRD instead, the
system is less cumbersome to small fleet operators," explained Mark
Walton, co-founder and chief executive officer at Gorilla Safety.

"As a leading provider of fleet technology, we believe in the American
trucker and want to do everything we can to help small business owners
and owner operators remain compliant with the new regulations. It's
important to Gorilla Safety that the transition to compliance for these
small business owners is simple and by introducing a low cost compliance
solution, we are making this possible. Many of the largest fleets will
be operating with AOBRDs over the next two years, and our AOBRD affords
owner operators this same opportunity, leveling the playing field for
all," Walton said.

Tommy Johnson, Gorilla Safety's co-founder and president, added:
"Gorilla Safety's AOBRD solution is affordable, convenient and easy to
implement. At just $10.00 per month, including the hardware, Gorilla
Safety believes it is offering the most cost-effective option available
on the market today. It's an ideal choice for the owner operator because
they grapple with costs and operational burdens associated with many of
the ELDs out there today. Our AOBRD is very simple to install, keeps
drivers compliant and helps them transition more easily. We are
confident that by helping facilitate the transition to the ELD mandate
through our AOBRD, fleets will be more confident, comfortable and well

While an AOBRD is important in that it will aid in the transition time
allotted to move from current paper logs to an ELD, the ability for any
fleet that installs an AOBRD by the FMCSA deadline of December 18, 2017
to use it until the final December 16, 2019 deadline, only applies to
current vehicles within the fleet. If any new vehicles are purchased or
put into service during this two-year period, those will require
adherence to the new ELD mandate. Essentially, AOBRD reduces the
restrictions and allows fleets to operate more freely as they take the
time to transition to the new ELD requirements, in a cost effective

About Gorilla Safety

Launched at the onset of 2016 and founded in 2013 by two seasoned
insurance industry professionals, Houston-based Gorilla
provides the transportation industry with a patented,
affordable cloud-based software solution that automates every aspect of
fleet and safety management. Gorilla Safety brings to the marketplace
the first and only easy-to-use mobile app that fully integrates all the
capabilities necessary for safely and efficiently managing large
short-haul and long-haul vehicle fleets. The Company's state-of-the-art
solution is helping fleets more quickly and easily adapt to mandated
Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulatory requirements. The Gorilla
Safety app boasts many features that allow users to better manage their
business, improve productivity, increase profitability and lower
insurance claims and premiums - all done quickly and simply from the
palm of their hands. For more information, visit,
go to the Gorilla
Safety Facebook page
or follow the Company on Twitter @Gorilla_Safety
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