Market Overview

CarStory Delivers AI Insights to Flick Fusion


First-of-its-Kind AI and Video Partnership Brings CarStory to
SMARTFLICKS Video Platform

the automotive AI platform from Vast,
today announced a partnership with Flick Fusion Video Marketing. An
industry first, the partnership combines CarStory's AI-based insights
for the automotive industry with Flick Fusion's video marketing
platform, SMARTFLICKS. Dealers can now automatically receive CarStory
branded videos and have them added to their inventory for no additional

"Anyone who has ever sold cars knows there are key selling features for
every vehicle that make it truly unique, add value and are important to
the shopper," said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. "Merchandising
inventory is really about storytelling, and the best story is the one
that gets a shopper emotionally attached to a vehicle. SMARTFLICKS is a
perfect match for the AI-driven insights and analytics of CarStory." will also feature Flick Fusion's videos on its widely used
site. Flick Fusion's customers and their partners will gain free access
to CarStory
Market Reports
. These mobile-friendly reports are currently used by
Volkswagen, Hyundai and Ford. In addition, 7,000 dealers nationwide are
creating a more engaging experience thanks to CarStory.

Video marketing is becoming a touchstone for customer relationship
building. Eighty-four percent of customers watch a video before buying a
car, according to Flick Fusion data. The integration of video, with
CarStory's analytics, arms dealers with the smartest tools available to
not just sell a car, but impress customers with an engaging experience.

"The ability to take our CarStory Market Reports and turn them into
videos takes inventory merchandising to a whole new level," said Vast
CEO John Price. "Flick Fusion's SMARTFLICKS platform automates the
entire production and distribution process, making it easy for dealers
to reach and engage in-market vehicle shoppers across multiple
touch-points. This partnership continues to drive forward what it means
to sell cars in the Information Age, benefitting dealers and shoppers

About CarStory

Powered by the industry's largest database of inventory and shopper
insights, CarStory uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine
learning to help both consumers and dealers make confident decisions.
With a network of over 7,000 dealers nationwide, and touching over 15
million consumers a month, CarStory is the leading automotive analytics
platform in the industry. To learn more or sign up, visit:

About Vast

Vast is the leader in Automotive Vertical AI for automotive industry,
applying domain knowledge, expertise and content to service
customer-acquisition, vehicle sales and data analysis. Vast's auto
platform, CarStory, supports a number of products including CarStory
Market Reports and Founded in 2005, Vast is the premier
provider of automotive big data solutions for the largest brands in
automotive. Learn more at

About Flick Fusion

Flick Fusion Video Marketing offers a full-solution video hosting,
marketing and distribution platform to automotive and other
inventory-based industries. The platform delivers automated, integrated
and rule/behavior-based, including geo-targeted, video content in
real-time, across multiple touchpoints and throughout the entire
purchase cycle.

Flick Fusion makes it easy for dealers to create desktop and
mobile-friendly vehicle inventory videos, video email and customer
engagement videos such as testimonials, service department overviews and
more. Videos are proven to capture more buyers' attention, advance
organic SEO rankings, generate leads and increase conversion rates. The
Flick Fusion system builds emotional value and customer loyalty for more
than 4,500 auto dealerships through a network of 80 to 100 resellers.

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