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Tiber International Group assists SWS Engineering in forming Schnabel-SWS Joint Venture in North America


Tiber International Group is proud to announce that Schnabel Engineering
(Schnabel) and the Italian design firm SWS Engineering (SWS) have joined
forces as Schnabel-SWS to provide tunnel and underground solutions for
complex infrastructure challenges in North America, specifically the
United States and Canada. Together their combined project experience
demonstrates the alliance's overall expertise in tunnel and
geostructural design, risk management, construction management and
Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Founded in 1956, Schnabel has established itself as a national specialty
designer in geotechnical engineering, and in tunnel and geostructural
design for transportation, water/wastewater and hydroelectric
infrastructure projects. SWS, established in 1982, has quickly become
one of the world's preeminent tunnel engineering firms, specializing in
tunnel design and BIM modeling for underground infrastructure projects,
with more than 300 miles of tunnel designed and 8,000 BIM projects

Tiber International Group has been instrumental in the development of
the Schnabel-SWS joint venture, from the initial evaluation of the
combined strengths of the two companies, and their common values and
work ethics (all necessary to insure the success of a newly formed
entity) to the coordination of the final meetings of the JV agreement.

"In less than six months Tiber International has delivered results by
enabling SWS Engineering to strengthen its presence in North America
said Paolo Mazzalai, President and CEO of SWS Engineering. "The task
of presenting us a company in the US that offers synergy and growth is
difficult, but in the end, the most challenging part is coming to an
agreement with the right company, and we are very pleased to join our
forces with Schnabel. Tiber International was able to keep everybody on
schedule and on target, and we are very proud of this important milestone
said Guido Venturini, CEO North America of SWS.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Tiber International and to have
been introduced to SWS. We are excited about the future.
" said
George Teetes, President, Tunnel Division of Schnabel Engineering. "Schnabel
is very strong in the US infrastructure market; and when you combine the
SWS tunnel and 5D BIM project design expertise, you realize how our
collective capabilities can become a formidable presence in the market
stated Allen Cadden, Principal of Schnabel Engineering.

About Tiber International Group (

Tiber International Group is a global facilitator that uniquely combines
the expertise of professional engineers, offering business development
services in support of a company's expansion plans in North America,
Latin America and Africa as well the Italian market. Tiber International
Group is based in Washington, DC and focuses primarily in renewable
energy and infrastructure.

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