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Private Cryptocurrency CoinMD Aims to Reduce Retirement Healthcare Costs


Blockchain-based private healthcare network CoinMD now accepting members

(PRWEB) September 12, 2017

CoinMD, a private healthcare network whose members use a new cryptocurrency to save money on healthcare services, is now accepting membership applications.

Unlike traditional healthcare networks, CoinMD transactions take place on a blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform that assures the security of every member's transaction data.

Thomas McMurrain, CEO of CoinMD, predicts that healthcare will become increasingly expensive over the next few decades, forcing future retirees to choose between the quality of their healthcare and the quality of their lives.

In a new white paper called How Will You Pay for Your Healthcare After You Retire? (available from McMurrain explains the basic dilemma:

While healthcare costs rise faster than inflation, national currencies like the dollar, the euro, and the pound all depreciate in value due to inflation. That means the purchasing power of everyone's savings will continuously shrink, until healthcare eventually becomes too expensive for many retirees to afford.

While retirees traditionally rely on their home equity, enabling them to downsize to a smaller home or get a reverse mortgage, McMurrain sees volatile real-estate prices as a threat to any asset that can't grow faster than healthcare costs.

"The bottom line is that no traditional approach is enough to protect your retirement against the coming crisis in healthcare," he adds.

CoinMD aims to solve this problem with a proprietary cryptocurrency designed specifically to lower costs for healthcare. As more people use the CoinMD cryptocurrency, it will gain value until it can eventually buy more healthcare products and services than an equivalent nest egg kept in dollars.

Download the CoinMD white paper:

About CoinMD

CoinMD, Inc. is a private membership network designed to make healthcare more affordable. Linking world-class healthcare providers with an active pool of consumers, CoinMD uses the buying power of the network to negotiate deals that lower costs for members. The network also enables members to earn CoinRewards by making insurance payments on time, using in-network health and wellness providers, and sharing CoinMD with other people.

CoinMD uses a new cryptocurrency powered by a secure blockchain and designed to gain value over time, instead of losing value like national currencies. Anyone of any age—seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, or Millennials—can join CoinMD to benefit from lower costs today and a more secure retirement tomorrow.

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