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Court reporting firm now uses mobile app to make business easier

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 02, 2017

Mobile apps can be extremely beneficial for clients who need to access information quickly. With the fact that technology is increasing pace in the court reporting world faster than ever, using mobile apps to connect clients and staff with crucial information in the office instantly makes things easier for attorneys managing a busy load of depositions.

In addition to their Las Vegas office, Depo International also maintains a presence in several other cities with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Houston.

The new dedicated mobile app by Depo International provides information immediately available via tablet or smartphone so no one has to carry around a computer in order to be able to access the pertinent details related to their deposition.

Driving directions to deposition locations are also included as well and mobile access to the transcripts is one of the most popular reasons for people to make use of these mobile app details. Instant answers to financial questions or details about financial information such as statements, invoices, payment history and outstanding amounts inform law firms and their staff members about deposition related materials produced and the relevant costs.

Without the hassle of a mobile web page timing out, it is much easier for attorneys to tap in and get access to their crucial data related to their depositions quickly. Depo International prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology that aims to make things easier for attorneys.

Depositions previously would have been problematic as far as expenses and driving time to get to the location but making use of the mobile app by Depo International as well as the real time translation, legal videography services and other types of technology that make depositions easier than ever, attorneys can maximize their billable hours and cut down on expenses and travel time by staying in touch with the court reporter specifically trained to capture information as it happens during a deposition.

With a mobile app at the fingertips of attorneys, planning ahead is much easier and depositions can be accomplished effectively. Depo International also provides help with legal videography, exhibit marking, and more.

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