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The "Strategic
Transition from Products to Services in the Automotive Industry -
Forecast to 2030"
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The global automotive product to service market will be driven by
mobility, connected services, and value-added upgrades. New business
model disruptions are expected and they will extend the automotive
service revenue pool up to $ 1.3 trillion.

Car companies are evolving from the business of merely manufacturing and
selling cars, to providing related services and multi-modal mobility
solutions to target new customers and future proof their business.

This research service focuses on different service models, namely,
mobility-as-a-service, connected services, aftersales service, and
autonomous vehicle services. The aim of this research service is to
identify disruptive business models and offer strategies to different
tiers in the automotive domain. It assesses the passenger car market up
to 2030 and highlights key growth opportunities.

Key questions that this study will answer:

- How will automotive business models evolve by 2030?

- What are the sustainability strategies adopted by OEMs and other
market participants for the short to long terms?

- How will automotive mobility and shared models impact traditional car

- What will be the key selling points for OEMs? From where should they
expect the maximum revenue yield?

- What are the key market challenges and strategies for future
sustainable models for OEMs?

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

- Key Factors for Transition to Service Models

- Product as a Service

- Case Study - Telecom Industry (Google)

- As-a-Service Model Evolution in the Automotive Sector

- Product-as-a-Service Case Studies - Automotive Sector

- New Automotive Opportunities - 2016 and 2030

- Uber Operating Model - C2C Model

- Ford - Future Transformation Elements and Pivotal Partnership

- Daimler's Unified Digital Platform

- Disruptor Play

- The Possible End Game for Disruptors

- Emerging Opportunities

2. Research Scope, Objective, Background and Methodology

3. Automotive Product to Service Market Introduction

- As a Service - Introduction and Key Findings

- CaaS Key Takeaways - Shared, Connected, and Automated

- Business Model Strategies - What Sells?

- Evolution of OEM Services

- Automotive Service Definition and Package Options

- Future of Automotive Services

- New Automotive Opportunities - 2016 and 2030

- Revenue Potential in the Automotive Service Market

4. Mobility as a Service

- Evolution of Ownership Models

- Impact on Customer Lifestyle

- Intelligent Vehicles for Personal and Shared Use

- OEM Mobility Snapshot

- Fractional Car Ownership Service

- Hybrid Mobility Business Proposition

- E-hailing App-based Service

- Technology and Automotive Companies Getting Patents in the Ride
Sharing Space - Examples of Patents

- OEMs Moving Toward Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) - Daimler Moovel

- Ford - Smart Mobility Initiative

- FordPass Platform

- Pricing/Business Models

5. Connected Car Services

- Connected Services Package

- Connected Services for the Automated Car

- Connected Navigation Package

- Telematics and Maintenance Package

- Smart Home - Automotive OEM Initiatives

- Connected Cities - Veniam

- OnStar Transformation

- Case Study - BMW's Connectivity Roadmap 2020+ Focus on Connected Living

- Pricing/Business Models

6. Autonomous Service Play

- Autonomous Vehicles Disrupting Industries Beyond Automotive Sector

- Autonomous Vehicles in Mobility Service Packages

- Autonomous Service Packages

- Autonomous Vehicles in Mobility

- Market Creation - Customer Base Extension for Google Driverless Car

- Transformational Shift No. 8 - From Hands-Free to Mind-Free
Fully-Automated Vehicles

- Pricing/Business Models

7. Aftersales and CRM Services

- Insurance and Extended Warranty Package

- Motor Insurance Package

- Remote Software Upgrade Packages

- In-vehicle Smart Payment Packages

- E-Commerce Business Models - Impact on Dealerships

- Big Data Analysis Packages

- Volvo - Warranty Case Study

- GM's Prognostic/In-vehicle Sales Capabilities

- Pricing/Business Models

8. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

- 5 Major Growth Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

- Digitalization and Mobility Companies

- Strategic Imperatives

9. Conclusions and Recommendations

- Tipping Points for the Automotive Product-to-Service Market

- Future of CaaS

- CaaS Service Packages

- Paradigm Shift from Vehicle Ownership to Vehicle Usage

- The Last Word - 3 Big Predictions

- Legal Disclaimer

10. Appendix

Companies Mentioned


- Daimler

- Ford

- General Motors

- Google

- Uber

- Volvo

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