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Quantzig's Digital Analytics Solution Helps Drive Sales for an Auto Dealership Firm


A global auto dealership company recently took help from Quantzig
to ameliorate their sales through digital analytics. This client was
finding it difficult to balance between their acquired clients and
maintaining their existing clients.

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Quantzig's digital analytics solution helps drive sales for an auto dealership firm. (Graphic: Busin ...

Quantzig's digital analytics solution helps drive sales for an auto dealership firm. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The advent of new technologies has transformed the automotive industry
due to which manufacturers have started using digital
analytics to understand consumers' behavior
. Effective strategies
are also being devised using digital analytics to spur the sales of the
automotive manufacturers. Digital analytics is being used to build new
networks and branding of the companies.

According to Quantzig's marketing analytics experts, "The manufacturers
are also devising services in the form of digital analytics to
understand the consumer behavior and devise effective strategies;
thereby, driving sales and impacting the bottom line."

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This digital analytics solution provides
benefits that help the clients to:

  • Generate considerable amount of revenue and service transactions
  • Acquire new customers and retain existing customers
  • Produce an estimated ROI in return for every dollar invested in
    digital ads
  • Promote both vehicle sales and existing vehicle services

This digital analytics solution offers
predictive insights such as:

  • Promotion of different brands of cars
  • Identifying the potential consumers who were intending to purchase
    the car
  • Emphasis on the importance of acquisition and retention
  • Refining the targets and launching additional digital marketing
  • Identifying the right person, right channel, and increasing the
    marketing ROI

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