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AWAKENS, Inc., a Japanese Consumer Genomics Startup, Launches 1st App "GENOMIC EXPLORER" in the US Market


Now based in the genomics center of the Silicon Valley, the consumer
genomic startup, AWAKENS, Inc., hails from Tokyo, Japan. Though consumer
genomics is just picking up the pace, the founders at AWAKENS envision a
future in which every human owns and can easily access their whole
genome data. AWAKENS was founded with the goal of empowering each
individual to build a smarter and healthier lifestyle based on their
genetic makeup, and to transform consumer genomics.

AWAKENS has launched their first consumer product GENOMIC EXPLORER (
The service is currently free for genome data holders, such as those who
have taken ancestry genetic tests. New users can order their whole
genome sequence through the website (
Users with whole genome data will also be able to upload their data soon.

Visualize Your Inner Universe with "GENOMIC

Full access to whole genome data and reliable information on how to
interpret the data is AWAKENS' top value proposition. Most genetic
testing services today read only 0.03% of the genome. GENOMIC EXPLORER
reads and visualizes 100%.

AWAKENS strives to visualize what existing genetic testing services have
abstracted in their genetic reports. You can browse through a
comprehensive visual representation of your genome and learn about 100+
traits: this tool connects your genome data to an in-house annotation
database, which tells you how specific regions of the genome can be
understood. Traits include personality, intelligence, and nutrition. The
only information serving the purpose of science education are released
in the U.S for now. Information on medical traits, such as the risk for
a certain disease, will be provided in the future as partnerships with
healthcare institutions and healthcare companies are established.

"Today for the genome is like the 90s for the Internet. Although
technological innovations made the Internet accessible for many,
applications for daily use had not been developed. Everyone was
scrambling to figure out how to make the best use of the Internet,"
explained Tomohiro Takano, CEO and Co-Founder of AWAKENS, Inc. "Through
partnerships with many industries, we at AWAKENS are striving to unlock
the vast potential of the whole genome. We want to develop an ecosystem
where anyone can access valuable information, actionable insights, and
related services based on their genetic information."

The field of genomics

15 years ago, sequencing the whole genome cost 3 billion USD. 5-10 years
from now, the price will drop to a few hundred USD. Against the backdrop
of these circumstances, we can expect to gain access to a wide range of
consumer genomics services in our daily lives, spanning medicine,
healthcare, nutrition, fitness, and education. Soon, pharmacogenomics
will inform drug efficacy and risk of serious side effects at the
individual level. Beyond medical applications, academic research in
fitness and genomics, nutrigenomics, and educational genomics are
booming. The potential for consumer applications will only grow from

About AWAKENS, Inc.

AWAKENS is a genomic software company transforming the landscape of
consumer genomics. They empower consumers with easily accessible
insights of their own genome data, and diversify consumer genomics
services by providing an API toolkit for existing services to provide
personalized solutions tailored to each person's genetic makeup. Founded
in January 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, AWAKENS is currently located in the
genomic center in Silicon Valley. The company's products include the
consumer-facing GENOMIC EXPLORER and the business-facing GENOME LINK.

Awakens is funded by private corporations and angel investors (as of Aug

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