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Pogo Linux Announces Refreshed Line of Iris Intel Servers Supporting the New Intel© Xeon© Processor Scalable Family


Formerly code named Skylake-SP / Purley, the New Intel© Xeon© Processor Scalable Family provides Pogo Linux Iris servers with additional performance, security, and power saving features.

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) July 11, 2017

Today Pogo Linux, a leading supplier of rack mount server and storage products, announced the launch of their refreshed, Iris line of servers powered by the new Intel© Xeon© Processor Scalable Family. Formerly code named Skylake-SP / Purley, these new processors provide a step up in performance, security, and power saving features that next generation applications and advanced data center customers demand.

With applications and workloads becoming increasingly complex, it is vital for any new hardware platform to keep up with continually rising performance demands. The new Intel© Xeon© Processor Scalable Family does just that with several key improvements in architecture and performance. The platform benefits greatly from a 1.5x increase in memory bandwidth and support for DDR4 2666 memory modules. In addition, the older QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) has been replaced by the new UPI (Ultra Path Interconnect) increasing speeds to 10.4 GT/s. Also, a revised cache hierarchy has boosted the amount of private L2 cache per core to reduce contention and increase performance. All of these performance enhancements coupled with a maximum of up to 28 cores and 56 threads per socket make the the new Pogo Linux Iris servers, powered by new Intel© Xeon© Processor Scalable Family perfect for today's most demanding data center applications.

Alongside the performance improvements, the new Iris servers also provide enhanced features focused on energy efficiency and power management. New optimized Turbo profiles mean servers reduce frequencies more gradually as the number of active cores increases. This provides a better range of performance while reducing power consumption. Other advancements include dynamic power sharing between core, uncore, and MCP companion die plus larger L2 cache for reduced interconnect and coherence activity, increasing efficiency. For power management, the processors support the new Intel© Speed Shift Technology for autonomous P-state control. This new technology increases the cooperation between hardware and software performance control, providing finer grained, faster power control changes. All of these additions and updates add up to the most power efficient Intel© Xeon© ever produced.

Security is also a top priority with the new platforms. Page Protection Keys (PPK) extends the paging architecture to provide page-granular, thread-private user-level memory protection. Additionally, Mode Based Execution (MBE) protects against malicious kernel updates in a virtualized system. Also, MPX (Memory Protection Extension) enables bounds checking on data accesses to prevent buffer overflow attacks.

"We are very excited about the launch of the new Intel© Xeon© Processor Scalable Family and what it means for our line of Iris servers," said Erik Logan, CEO of Pogo Linux. "The new updates and features are exactly what our demanding customers are looking for and continue to show Intel's hardware leadership in the data center."

The full line of Pogo Linux Iris Intel servers can be found at

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