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Americord Recruits Cord Blood Ambassadors to #BankOnBaby


Americord, the fastest growing cord blood bank in the country, and a
leader in the advancement of umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and
placenta tissue banking, is kicking off a social media campaign for
National Cord Blood Awareness Month.

Running throughout the month of July, the campaign's goal is to spark a
conversation about the potentially lifesaving benefits of banking
newborn umbilical cord blood and tissue. The company will share
important information about stem cells, birth planning, and cord blood
banking on its blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. With over 80 different
diseases currently being treated with cord blood stem cells and 354
clinical trials in process for treatments of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
disease, the need for cord blood awareness and action is rapidly growing.

Americord is recruiting Cord Blood Ambassadors to spread the word using
the hashtag #BankOnBaby. "Anyone can be a cord blood ambassador," says
Marketing Manager of Content and Interactive Media Alysha Bullock. "The
campaign invites people to take the first step by sharing posts from
Americord's social pages." Ambassadors will earn points for each time
they share a post across the various social media channels, and the two
individuals earning the most points will each win a $500.00 Amazon Gift
Card. For more information on how to become a cord blood ambassador, click

About Americord Registry ("Americord")

Americord Registry is a leader in the advancement of umbilical cord
blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue banking. Americord collects,
processes, and stores newborn stem cells from umbilical cord blood for
future medical or therapeutic use, including the treatment of more than
80 blood diseases such as sickle cell anemia and leukemia. Founded in
2008, Americord is registered with the FDA and operates in all 50
states. The company's laboratories are CLIA Certified, accredited by the
AABB and comply with all federal and state guidelines and applicable
licenses. Americord is headquartered in New York, NY. For more
information, visit

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