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Uni-Pixel Strikes Deal with GIS


Uni-Pixel Inc (NASDAQ: UNXL) made its presence felt on markets Wednesday, after the company reported a deal with General Interface Solution, Limited for joint development of touch sensors for flexible display.

GIS is a Taiwan-based subsidiary of Foxconn, and a billion-dollar provider of integrated touch display solutions in the mobile phone, Notebook PC, two-in-one laptop and tablet markets to global customers including major PC and smart phone brands.

A news release out Wednesday reported the Santa Clara, California-based UniPixel would be responsible for designing and manufacturing development stage sensors after after GIS provides the specifications for the sensor designs. GIS will be responsible for integrating the sensors into the display stack.

The parties will share reliability and test data with one another.
The news release went on to report that UniPixel conducted tests in which its XTouch sensors were folded and opened more than 200,000 times at a two-millimeter radius at the fold. After the test, there was no damage to the XTouch sensors and no degradation to their performance capabilities. For a flexible display, it will be necessary to have a thin and pliable cover lens that will bend consistently without damage.
UniPixel's patented Diamond Guard™ scratch resistant cover lens technology, coupled with patented sensor circuit technique, is an excellent fit for the flexible, bendable market.
UniPixel develops and markets high performance metal mesh capacitive touch sensors for the touchscreen and flexible displays markets. In the last hour of trading Wednesday, UNXL shares had came off their highs of the day, gaining only half a cent, or 1.3%, to 38.5 cents.