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ARM CEO Simon Segars Joins SoftBank Group Board of Directors


ARM Holdings plc today announced that CEO Simon Segars' appointment to
the SoftBank Group Corp. (SBG) Board of Directors was formally approved
at SBG's 37th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held
today in Tokyo.

SBG earlier
new board candidates to strengthen corporate governance
and accelerate growth. Mr. Segars' appointment comes following
SoftBank's historic 2016 acquisition of ARM for US$32 billion.

"I'm honored to join the SoftBank Board at this exciting next stage of
innovation," said Segars. "In the same way it transformed mobile
computing from chip to cloud and all points in between, ARM shapes the
smart, connected world of IOT across a common platform. This is at the
heart of the SoftBank vision and I look forward to working with the team
to make it a reality."

More information on SBG's 37th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
can be found here.

About Simon Segars

Simon Segars, CEO, has been at the heart of transformational change in
the technology industry for 25 years. He led the development of early
ARM processors for the world's first digital mobile phones and now
spearheads ARM's vision for smart and connected technologies that create
better social, economic, education and health prospects for all. Before
being appointed CEO in July 2013, Simon held several leadership
positions within ARM's engineering and business development teams. He is
based in California's Silicon Valley, and spends much of his time
meeting leading influencers in the world's technology hubs in the US,
Europe and China.

In addition to joining the Board of SoftBank Group, Simon serves on the
Boards of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the Electric System
Design Alliance (ESD Alliance), and as a non-executive director at Dolby
Laboratories, Inc.

About ARM

ARM technology is at the heart of the computing and connectivity
revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses
operate. Our advanced, energy-efficient processor designs are enabling
the intelligence in 100 billion silicon chips and securely powering
products from the sensor to the smartphone to the supercomputer. With
more than 1,000 technology partners including the world's
largest business and consumer brands, we are driving ARM innovation into
all areas compute is happening inside the chip, the network and the

About SoftBank Group

The SoftBank
is a global technology player that aspires to drive the
Information Revolution. The SoftBank Group is comprised of the holding
company SoftBank Group Corp. (TOKYO: 9984) and its global portfolio of
companies, which includes advanced telecommunications, Internet
services, AI, smart robotics, IoT and clean energy technology providers.
In September 2016, ARM Holdings plc, the world's leading semiconductor
IP company, joined the SoftBank Group. To learn more, please visit

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