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Celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July and National Ice Cream Day (Sunday, July 16th) with these Sweet Ideas for the Ice Cream Lover from The Legacy Companies' Brands!


July is National Ice Cream Month! Celebrate the joys of ice cream by
serving your favorite flavor with these handy ice cream accessories!
Declared a national holiday in 1984, National Ice Cream Day and
the month of July, are dedicated to appreciating ice cream. Most
everyone enjoys ice cream; according to the International Dairy
Association, Americans consume some 22 pounds per person of the cool
treat every year. Make this holiday even sweeter with products that will
enhance the pleasure of sharing America's coolest treats:

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Zeroll Original Scoop #20 (Photo: Business Wire)

Zeroll Original Scoop #20 (Photo: Business Wire)

Get the Real Scoop: The Zeroll®
Original Scoop
is the scoop of choice for American
ice cream parlors and ice cream lovers since 1935! Elegantly designed
and engineered for scooping simplicity, it creates pleasingly plump,
round ice cream balls, scoop after scoop. It's the world's first scoop
with a liquid filled heat conductive handle that responds to the warmth
of a hand so ice cream is easily rolled and released into smooth round
balls. Features a one piece design, no springs to replace. Available as
shown for $19.99.

From Cow to Cone: The whole family can enjoy their favorite ice
cream in delicious homemade waffle cones or bowls! Customize your cone
by dipping in chocolate or sprinkles, or add your favorite topping, whip
cream or fruit. You will enjoy the freshly baked aroma of homemade
waffle cones as you celebrate this chill holiday! The
Chef'sChoice® International™ WaffleCone Express™ Model 838

features an advanced professional baking system to ensure homemade,
fresh baked sugar cones in just two minutes. Comes equipped with a cone
form for easy rolling of uniformly shaped cones; instant temperature
recovery; nonstick surface; easy-to-clean overflow channels; and color
control dial. Available for $49.99. Cone holder sold separately.

Shake Up The Celebration: Enjoy delicious shakes with the Omega®
M1000 Single Spindle Milkshake Maker
. A delight any day of the year,
this whipping wonder is great for mixing ice cream, bar drinks, eggs,
pancake batter, waffle batter and more. The extra-large stainless steel
blending cup clicks on and off for ease of use and serving. The powerful
motor and detachable spindle aerate mixtures into frothy, smooth
textures for superior whipping results.

A Sweet & Super Chill Alternative: Transform frozen fruit
into frozen treats in just seconds with Yonanas®
Fruit Soft Serve Machine
: Create healthy, mouthwatering
desserts with a smooth "ice cream" like taste—without adding any
additional fat, sugar or preservatives! Both adults and kids love
creating delicious delights with this fun and easy to use frozen dessert
maker. Ideal for simple or elegant homemade desserts like cakes, pies,
bonbons and sorbets. Available for $49.99.

-Chef'sChoice®, Omega®, Yonanas®
and Zeroll® are The
Legacy Companies'
registered brands.

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