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Bonti Announces Poster Presentation on EB-001 Pharmacological Profile at Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Conference


Bonti, a privately-held, clinical-stage biotechnology company, today
announced a poster presentation highlighting the pharmacological profile
of its lead molecule, EB-001, a fast-acting botulinum neurotoxin.
The poster at the 2017 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) Conference,
hosted by MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, will show the
pharmacological efficacy of EB-001 compared to BOTOX® (BoNT/A) in a
mouse Digit Abduction Score (DAS) assay. EB-001 is a novel neurotoxin
with a unique target profile, characterized by fast onset of action and
short duration of effect. The clinical safety and efficacy of EB-001 is
being investigated in Phase 2 trials for therapeutic and aesthetic uses.
EB-001 target indications will address areas of unmet medical needs,
where the molecule's product profile is highly beneficial, with
multi-billion dollar total addressable market opportunities.

The poster spotlights the DAS assay, a well-established in vivo
model used to assess muscle-relaxing effects of botulinum
neurotoxin preparations, including onset of action and duration of
effect. The EB-001 and BOTOX mice test groups demonstrated
dose-dependent muscle relaxation as measured by DAS, with two major
differences. The poster concludes that, in the DAS model, EB-001 has a
faster onset and a more limited duration of effect compared to BOTOX,
which may support EB-001's clinical utility in procedures such as

The DAS data supports the EB-001 target clinical profile (fast onset,
short duration) and provides a strong foundation for EB-001 clinical
studies in a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. A fast onset,
limited duration neurotoxin could prove beneficial for effective muscle
relaxation, relief of tension and opioid-sparing treatment of
musculoskeletal pain following AWR procedures. Based on non-clinical
studies to date, the target clinical profile is:

  • Fast onset of action for EB-001: About 24 hours; current
    BoNT/As have an onset of action around 3 – 7 days
  • Short duration of effect for EB-001: About 4 weeks; current
    BoNT/As have a duration of effect around 3 – 4 months

"All of us at Bonti are thrilled to highlight EB-001's unique
pharmacological profile and animal efficacy via this poster at the
upcoming conference," commented Fauad Hasan, co-founder and CEO of
Bonti. "It is an honor to share our findings with the AWR Conference
attendees and we are grateful to the organizers for accepting our
poster. We realize BOTOX has been used in AWR procedures to reduce
post-operative pain and incisional tension though its utility is limited
by delayed onset of effect and long duration. So, a fast-acting, short
duration neurotoxin like EB-001 could offer clinical benefits in
treating post-operative musculoskeletal pain and the shorter duration of
muscle weakness may support recovery and rehabilitation following AWR

"Reflecting on surgeries in my practice like abdominoplasties, Bonti's
EB-001 should undoubtedly help patients recover from abdominal wall
surgery more quickly, better and with less opioids," said Dr. Alan
Matarasso, a renowned aesthetic plastic surgeon and currently a Bonti
Medical Advisor. "I'm enthused by this novel neurotoxin's target profile
to significantly relieve pain by rapidly relaxing muscles and by
reducing incisional tension allowing patients to potentially recover
faster and be more satisfied."

About Dr. Alan Matarasso

Dr. Matarasso is a native of Westchester County in New York, has a
preeminent clinical practice in Manhattan, New York, achieved the rank
of Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Albert Einstein College of
Medicine and is currently Clinical Professor of Surgery at
Hofstra-Northwell University College of Medicine. He has devoted his
career to the specialty of clinical and academic aesthetic plastic
surgery. His dedication to medical training, education, and scientific
research are manifested in his membership and active participation in
more than twenty regional and national medical organizations including
the prestigious American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS), the
American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the American Society for
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) the American College of Surgeons (ACS)
and the American Medical Association (AMA). Dr. Matarasso has published
more than 300 research articles, reviews, editorials, posters, book
chapters and journal supplements and lectured at more than 500
professional symposia on a broad variety of subjects. A prominent source
to both print and broadcast journalists, he is often quoted in national
newspapers and magazines and has been featured on all major TV networks
and numerous radio broadcasts.

About EB-001

Bonti's lead product candidate, EB-001, is an investigational botulinum
neurotoxin serotype E (BoNT/E). EB-001 has a mechanism of action similar
to the marketed BoNT/A products though it has a differentiated clinical
profile. EB-001 has a fast onset of action (about 24 hours) and short
duration of effect (about 4 weeks). Currently marketed BoNT/A products
have an onset of action around 3-7 days and a duration of effect around
3-4 months. The unique target clinical profile of EB-001 is well suited
for a vast range of aesthetic and therapeutic uses, including for the
treatment of post-surgical and non-surgical musculoskeletal pain, with
currently unmet needs.

About Bonti

Bonti, based in Newport Beach, California, is a rapidly emerging
biotechnology company founded by world class neurotoxin experts with
proven success at Allergan, one of the Fortune 500 fastest growing
pharma companies. This team, with unsurpassed neurotoxin, aesthetic and
pain expertise, is uniquely qualified to develop unprecedented treatment
paradigms driven by a novel neurotoxin platform to become an innovative
leader in both aesthetic and therapeutic markets. By turning the science
of neurotoxins into beneficial patient and healthcare provider
solutions, Bonti will improve lives by successfully addressing key unmet
needs in markets with multi-billion dollar addressable opportunities.

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