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Aegis and Clariture Merge to Form Trilliant Health, United by a Mission to Make Hospitals Stronger


Aegis, a technology enabled services company that develops and
implements revenue growth strategies for hospitals, announced today it
has merged with Clariture, a data-driven healthcare digital marketing
platform. Clariture and Aegis will become the first two business units
of a new company, Trilliant Health, that intends to build a portfolio of
diverse healthcare technology services united by a single mission: to
make hospitals stronger

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Vibrant hospitals are essential to the growth and economic success of
communities but are increasingly challenged by the triad of declining
reimbursements, growing expenses, and an unpredictable regulatory
future. To meet these challenges, and more, hospitals need solutions for
profitable revenue growth now more than ever before.

Trilliant Health will focus on assembling a syndicate of best-in-class
technology, data, and marketing solutions to deliver market-specific and
patient-level intelligence that helps hospitals find, attract, and
retain commercially insured patients.

Both Aegis and Clariture have built a strong foundation from which they
can grow, providing prescriptions for growth for over 500 hospitals,
health systems, and ambulatory surgery centers across the country. Aegis
has more than three decades of experience helping hospitals develop
meaningful and profitable relationships with physicians and employers,
and Clariture's digital marketing platform reaches consumers at the
critical time in which they are searching for care for themselves or a
loved one.

"During this time of unprecedented change, hospitals are struggling to
find a solution to remain profitable. Trilliant Health serves as a
launching pad for a growing portfolio of services to make hospitals
stronger so they can continue to fulfill their mission and provide
high-quality and compassionate care to the communities they serve," said
Hal Andrews, a former merger and acquisitions attorney turned
decade-long healthcare executive. Mr. Andrews will serve as CEO of Aegis
and Trilliant Health.

"There are three primary ways a patient selects care for themselves or
their family – through an employer-sponsored plan, physician referral,
or personal choice using online research. With Aegis' focus on fostering
profitable employer and physician relationships and Clariture's ability
to reach consumers by executing and optimizing service line-based
digital marketing campaigns, Trilliant Health is bringing together the
perfect portfolio of companies to help healthcare systems grow.
Together, these companies position Trilliant Health to address the
myriad of challenges hospitals are facing by providing turn-key
solutions that add incremental revenue and increase service line market
share," said Devin Carty, a former senior executive with Vanguard Health
Systems and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and co-founder and CEO
of Clariture.

As a result of the merger, Martin Ventures, which backed Clariture, is
now the largest shareholder of Trilliant Health, and Charlie Martin has
joined the Trilliant Health board of directors. Hal Andrews will serve
as CEO of Trilliant Health and Aegis, and will continue to serve on the
board. Devin Carty will resign as CEO of Clariture to serve as the
chairman of the board for Trilliant Health. Jeff Snyder, co-founder of
Clariture, will become president of the Clariture business unit under
Trilliant Health.

About Aegis

For three decades, Aegis has made hospitals stronger by developing and
implementing revenue growth strategies. Aegis provides hospitals a
prescription for growth unique to its local market dynamics. Our
technology and analytics-driven approach enables hospitals to increase
profitable market share by targeting employers with commercially insured
employees, creating physician loyalty to increase patient referrals and
productivity, and engaging consumers in their health to grow service
lines. Aegis believes that strong hospitals are the lifeblood of vibrant
communities, and Aegis is solely committed to making hospitals stronger
so they can serve their communities more effectively. For more
information, please visit

About Clariture

Founded in 2013, San Francisco and Nashville-based Clariture Health,
Inc. is a software-as-a-service, HIPAA-compliant digital
healthcare marketing platform that drives targeted patient engagement
and acquisition for hospitals, health systems, and outpatient
providers. The Clariture digital marketing technology is built to
more efficiently and effectively find, engage, and convert net new
patients for healthcare providers, adding incremental revenue and
increasing service line market share. Clariture's
Enterprise Healthcare Marketing Platform™ integrates directly with
online channel ad APIs, giving real-time data for optimization and
reporting. This level of channel integration enables Clariture's
hospital & health system customers to enjoy unprecedented digital reach,
media optimization, patient acquisition, and real-time reporting, to
ultimately maximize return on investment (ROI). For more information,
please visit

About Trilliant Health

Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology,
data, and marketing companies focused on making hospitals stronger by
delivering prescriptions for growth to increase a hospital's market
share. By combining best-in-class software applications with a data
integration platform that combines clinical, claims, and
patient-generated data, Trilliant Health can deliver market-focused and
patient-level intelligence to assist hospitals in finding, retaining and
assuming risk for patient populations. For more information, please

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