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Functional Fine Jewellery For Financially Independent Professional Women


4th generation jewellery store launches online with aim of bringing the trusting, high service, personalised experience of mom and pop stores online to help professional women purchase functional fine jewellery they can wear on a daily basis. Feder Jewellery

London (PRWEB UK) 23 May 2017

4th generation ‘mom and pop' jewellery store launches online focusing on functional fine jewellery for professional women. Feder jewellery hopes to bring the trusting, high service, personalised experience of mom and pop stores online to help simplify the buying process for women looking to buy functional pieces they can wear on a daily basis.

For many women, buying jewellery can be very confusing, and the fear of making a bad decision and overspending often prevents them from taking the plunge. Feder Jewellery makes this process easier by only offering easy to match wardrobe essentials with a clear function, transparent product information and supporting guides, as well as a minimum quality guarantee.

Every piece is individually handcrafted and can be personalised with an engraving.
With prices starting at over £1,000, and delivery times of 2-4 weeks, they are the opposite of the new breed of fast fashion fine jewellery brands which have recently cropped up. For Ben Feder, CEO of Feder Jewellery, this is a good thing. "For a lot of women buying a piece of jewellery is a very special and considered experience. It's the ultimate investment piece. You can't rush that, you can only help them make the right decision so that they get the most of out of their investment"

Ben Feder is the fourth generation to helm Feder jewellery which has been run by husband and wife teams since 1919. His focus on helping women purchase jewellery was inspired by his wife and her friends, all professional women with high-flying careers who wanted to look stylish and polished, with minimum effort. Only a few wore fine jewellery. The main difference was not salary, or lifestyle, it was whether their families had a trusted jeweler.
Growing up around his father's store which worked primarily with repeat customers, he knew the power of trust and great customer service. "I realised this was the missing link, and that there are just too many women out there with no one trustworthy to guide them through the complicated process of buying jewellery. I decided that Feder Jewellery needed to become that person".
Taking inspiration from the needs of his wife and her friends, Feder jewellery offers essentials for a professional woman's wardrobe structured around 7 must have styles which can be worn on a daily basis. With its 24 hour service, high quality guarantee and educational guides, it is the ultimate destination for professional women looking for timeless wearable pieces.

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