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Infiniti Research Announces Top 5 Trends Impacting the Automotive Industry for 2017


Infiniti Research
has announced their top 5 trends impacting the automotive industry for

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Infiniti Research has announced their top automotive trends for 2017. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Infiniti Research has announced their top automotive trends for 2017. (Graphic: Business Wire)

remainder of 2017. Infiniti Research defines an emerging trend as a
factor that has the potential to significantly impact the market and
contribute to its growth or decline. With over 14+ years of expertise, automotive
market research solutions
experts at Infiniti Research have
worked on hundreds of projects helping organizations deal with regular
demand shifts, adapt to new technologies, and overcome diminishing
profit margins and capacity utilization issues.

Most recently, Infiniti's automotive experts helped a leading automotive
components manufacturer assess the competitive
market for automotive components in India
and released a
study on the supply
chain and competitor landscape for the automotive industry
help manufacturers of electric wire and optical fiber cables gain a
better understanding of accurate supply chain systems. The automotive
industry is set to witness a perfect storm of change with technology
driven trends significantly impacting the future of the market and
Infiniti Research has shared these trends to help companies ensure
competitiveness and cope with emerging demands.

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Top 5 Trends in the Automotive Industry for 2017

1) Electrifying the Driving Experience

Get used to seeing this trend at the top of many lists – it's not going
away any time soon. Owing to environmental concerns, stricter emission
regulations and lower battery costs, electric cars will continue gain
momentum in 2017 and the years that follow.

In a recent study for a German automotive parts supplier, Infiniti
Research forecasted the market for Lithium-ion batteries to grow
at a CAGR of over 8% until 2020
. Much of this growth can be
attributed to the rising demand for automotive Lithium-ion batteries.

2) Connectivity

OEMs need to enhance their automotive capabilities in order to drive
demand and sustain the competition. One way to enhance automotive
capabilities is making vehicles more connected, equipping them with
internet access to devices both inside and outside of the vehicle.

"This acts as a platform for the drivers and the passengers to utilize
their time in transit to access new forms of media that may concern with
safety issues to a wide range of services such as infotainment,
navigation, diagnostics and payments," says Infiniti Research.

3) Shared Mobility

Today, instead of owning a car, people increasingly prefer using
services offered by fleet operators. Infiniti's automotive experts
highlight that the automotive revenue pool will move significantly
towards on-demand mobility services and data-driven services, resulting
in a decline in sales of privately owned vehicles. To maintain healthy
profit margins and increase sales, major players in the market must
conduct an automotive
market analysis
to better understand these trends and gather
actionable insights.

View the whole list of top
5 automotive trends for 2017
from Infiniti Research.

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