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Doctor On Demand Announces Lab Testing Services to Provide Patients Better Everyday Care


Leading on-demand video medicine provider Doctor
On Demand
today announced it will launch new laboratory diagnostics
services this summer as part of its patient care offerings, through
partnerships with the two top national laboratories LabCorp®
(NYSE:LH) and Quest
. As featured today at the Fortune Brainstorm HEALTH
conference in San Diego, Doctor On Demand becomes the first full-service
telemedicine provider to offer fully integrated laboratory services to
its more than one million patients.

"Our mission is to improve the world's health through compassionate care
and innovation. By integrating with labs and upgrading our patient
profile and follow-up care services, we've taken a major step in
advancing the quality and range of services treatable via telemedicine,"
said Hill Ferguson, CEO of Doctor On Demand. "We're providing a higher
quality and better overall experience, giving patients the unique
ability to build a relationship with a single doctor, always putting the
patient first."

To better serve its growing patient base, Doctor On Demand takes a major
leap forward in removing clinical barriers to treating patients over
telemedicine, providing follow-up care and comprehensive patient
profiles through its proprietary technology platform, and access to
dedicated, full-time video medicine physicians. By electronically
integrating the lab experience into its platform, Doctor On Demand gives
doctors direct access to a comprehensive array of tests without having
to go through separate lab provider platforms, while offering patients a
seamless, paperless experience.

Doctor On Demand empowers patients to take charge of their own health —
when a doctor orders a lab test, patients can directly and immediately
choose the lab experience that best fits their needs according to price,
location, and insurance rather than having a provider or institution
dictate the experience. Patients then receive easy-to-understand results
and next steps through the app. Doctor On Demand also empowers the
development of strong doctor-patient relationships through the use of
employed doctors that are available day-to-day, transforming where, when
and how you connect with providers.

Seeing triple-digit year-over-year growth of video visits, Doctor On
Demand has saved its patients over half of a billion dollars in
healthcare costs and over one million hours that would have been spent
in the waiting room. In addition to cementing its position as the
consumer-preferred telemedicine brand, Doctor On Demand continues to
work with over 400 employers and is the video medicine provider for
major corporations like American Airlines and four of the Fortune 10.

"Through Doctor On Demand, we've given our employees and their families
a way to have a doctor with them always, inside and outside the
workplace," said Andrew Rosa, Director of Human Resources, Benefits &
Workforce Health at AmeriGas.
"Nearly twenty percent of our employees are utilizing the Doctor On
Demand platform for their medical care needs. They love how convenient
it is to use and each year we're seeing our utilization increase, in
turn resulting in significant savings in healthcare costs."

Other telemedicine services treat patients through phone calls, without
the ability to visually examine the patient during the visit, and rely
on a network of independent, part-time physicians who are rarely
available to provide follow-up or future visits. This contrasts
significantly with Doctor On Demand's services, which provide continuity
of care — full-time doctors with an average of over 15 years experience
and a range of specialties, who are available day-to-day and build
trusted relationships with patients over time.

About Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand's mission is to improve the world's health through
compassionate care and innovation. We believe that health is personal,
and means so much more than treating illness. We're proud of the care
we've provided over the years and the relationships we've developed with
our patients, as evidenced by the 5-star reviews we continually receive.
People use our service to gain access to some of the best physicians and
licensed therapists in the country, all whenever and wherever is most
convenient. It's as simple as opening the Doctor On Demand app on a
smartphone or computer.

Through live video visits, our hand-picked, US-trained doctors take
patient history, perform an exam, and recommend a treatment plan.
Prescriptions, if needed, go directly to the pharmacy of choice. While
insurance isn't required, tens of millions of Americans enjoy covered
medical and mental health visits through employer and health plan
partnerships. To learn more about the hundreds of medical issues we
treat, visit us at

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