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MarketWise Advisors, LLC Releases New ROI Study of Ellie Mae's Encompass All-in-One Mortgage Management Solution


® (NYSE:ELLI), a leading provider of innovative
on-demand software solutions and services for the residential mortgage
industry, announced today that MarketWise Advisors, LLC has released a
new version of the ROI
of Ellie
Mae's Encompass all-in-one mortgage management solution
. The study,
conducted from the second through the fourth quarters of 2016, provides
an intensive evaluation of the return on investment lenders have
achieved using Encompass and is a follow-up to the first MarketWise ROI
study of Encompass conducted in 2014.

MarketWise Advisors was commissioned by Ellie Mae to analyze the
financial performance and ROI of Encompass. The Ellie Mae Encompass
solution was analyzed as a whole as well as by product, including
Encompass Product & Pricing Service™, Encompass Docs Solution™,
Encompass Compliance Service™, Encompass Flood Service™, and Encompass
4506-T Service™. The new study takes account of changing market dynamics
and new Ellie Mae functionality to provide an up-to-date picture of the
economic impact of Ellie Mae solutions on a lender's cost of origination.

The study revealed a total potential ROI of $1,331.48 per closed loan on
average. The increase was attributable to increased productivity, level
of feature/function use, and the application of advanced workflow and
audit rules that streamline processes. Overall, participants realized an
ROI of 697 percent of investment in Ellie Mae solutions, or nearly seven
dollars in expected return for each dollar invested.

"This study provides clear evidence that Encompass' compliance
capabilities, process automation, third-party service integrations and
interoperability of a single system have a marked impact on the cost of
origination," said Jordan Brown, CEO, MarketWise Advisors, LLC. "During
the course of both the 2014 and 2016 studies, it was apparent that
participating clients accrued a substantial amount of incremental
revenue through the use of Ellie Mae solutions."

"The cost of origination is perhaps the single most important financial
benchmark that we discuss with our customers and prospects," said
Jonathan Corr, Ellie Mae president and CEO. "By using technology to
automate the complex mortgage process, study participants realized an
annual return of 697 percent, that's nearly seven dollars for every
dollar invested. In many cases, that's the difference between profit and
loss for lenders."

In addition to the study, MarketWise Advisors developed an ROI
calculator that can provide new and existing clients a clear
understanding of the potential financial benefits of Ellie Mae product
lines. This is a unique tool for the mortgage industry which benchmarks
expected financial performance and cost of origination impacts by
product line and client tenure. Prospects and clients have an
interactive tool available to analytically evaluate performance.

To view the complete study, click:

Study Methodology

MarketWise administered independently developed questionnaires and
profiles to establish baselines for each study participant. Interviews
were conducted at the lenders' locations and, in many cases, included
detailed reviews of financials dating back five years.

With this significant level of financial detail, MarketWise determined
productivity gains and level of use relative to the total potential ROI.
The level of productivity by year after implementation provides a clear
view on how the Ellie Mae product line positively impacts a lender's
cost of origination. Observed benefits were validated and all cost data
assembled. After the ROI for each of the individual lenders was
determined, the benchmark performance level was developed to capture
expected benefits realized by Ellie Mae clients. The benchmark ROI was
then used as a baseline productivity assumption within the return on
investment calculator.

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software solutions and services for the residential mortgage industry.
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