Oklahoma's Steno Services LLC Highlights Expanded Realtime Reporting Capabilities

Realtime services offered based on new demand

(PRWEB) March 05, 2017

With long-distance depositions increasingly in demand, attorneys are using the power of realtime court reporters to accurately transcribe events as they happen, even when those events are in different cities entirely. More court reporters are tapping into these realtime offerings to meet the demand, and it's why one Oklahoma court reporting service is expanding their realtime capabilities in 2017.

Ginger Baze, owner of Oklahoma City based Steno Services LLC, is expanding their realtime capabilities for deposition assistance. There are many numerous benefits associated with having a court reporter experienced in realtime depositions on the scene during a legal matter. This allows the testimony to be highlighted and marked at key points quickly and easily while the deposition is still taking place. Baze says that with more attorneys asking for it and seeing the benefits, court reporters must be able to adapt quickly.

When the attorney takes over his or her turn to examine, it is easy to tap just one button and have all of the highlighted lines of testimony they have previously marked purged together in one document with the proceeding couple lines of text and the following several lines of text attached to each marked line. The number of lines before and after can be adjusted to each attorney's individual preference. This can then also be exported and taken directly with the attorney after the case is complete. This allows for an instant rough draft, making things easier for the attorneys at the scene of the deposition and back at their office afterwards when they are preparing for the next day's depositions.

Baze noticed that many attorneys who begin to use this system like it very quickly. The user interface is incredibly easy to use. Realtime transcription also allows for greatly improved quality of videotaped depositions and remote depositions, especially. "For example," Baze says, "if you had an expert witness joining in on a deposition remotely with our one-way viewing option and they weren't able to join in until after the deposition had already began, he could simply scroll back through the previously given testimony in the realtime feed and get brought up to speed very quickly with having one of our realtime reporters at the helm."

A broad range of reporting experience is brought to the table by the court reporters who work with Steno Services LLC. Realtime deposition assistance has been requested more and more in recent years, encouraging Baze and fellow court reporters to expand their capabilities to offer it in numerous different locations and even from a distance. Remote depositions decrease the travel time and expenses associated with a particular case and allow things to be completed more quickly.

Court reporters working with Steno Services LLC are able to transcribe stenographically at over 225 words per minute with nearly 100% accuracy. And with realtime court reporting, attorneys are able to leave no stone unturned as it can allow their mind to interpret things more quickly as the instant transcript of everything said in the courtroom or deposition conference room is reported immediately, in English, on each of their provided realtime screens. The software used is 100% web-based and can be viewed on tablets, computers, or even smartphones.

To learn more about the services offered, please visit: https://courtreporterok.com/

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