Drug Testing Advisor Testclear Creates Insightful New Infographic on Why Marijuana Should be Made Legal in the United States

"Full Steam Ahead: Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized in the US" provides insights into the financial impact of marijuana, the support levels for legalization, legitimate medical effects of marijuana, and more


Testclear - a national drug testing advising group, has provided high-quality home drug test kits and detoxification programs to consumers around the world for nearly a decade. With extensive knowledge of the home drug test market, Testclear appears to be the perfect entity to weigh in on the contemporary hot button debate topic - whether or not marijuana should be made legal across the US. In a new infographic released by Testclear this week, entitled Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized in the US, they address this big question by highlighting some of the ways that marijuana made headlines during 2016.

Some of the key takeaways from this infographic include a look at total legal marijuana sales over the course of the January to December 2016 timeframe… a staggering $6.7 billion. Or that four new states chose to legalize recreational marijuana during 2016 - California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts. And, at least 10 states are poised to legalize it during 2017. Other key points on the infographic provide insights into the financial impact of marijuana, the support levels for legalization, and even statistics on how many people have admitted to trying it. Then, the reader will discover other key takeaways - like the legitimate medical effects of marijuana.

In all, Testclear discusses the topical matter in a matter of fact and honest way - letting the viewer create an opinion based on documented facts and scientific data. Marijuana legalization continues to be a highly-debated topic, but as legalized recreational marijuana becomes more commonplace across the nation there will likely be an even stronger push for national acceptance.

About Testclear

Testclear helps individuals pass drug tests for years, and their proven drug testing solutions provide clients with a greater ability to confidently pass urine, hair and saliva-based drug tests when seeking employment-related drug tests, military drug tests, or even random drug tests through an employer. Testclear doesn't believe in urban legends and old-wives' tales on how to pass a drug test - instead focusing on science-based approaches that help good people confidently take drug tests and earn jobs based on their knowledge, education, and skills - not their bodily fluids.

Testclear employs trained drug test advisors who will provide no-cost "straight talk" on how to effectively pass a drug test - regardless of the individual's concern about possible foreign contaminants in their blood, urine, or saliva. Testclear also provides comprehensive and effective detoxification kits that can improve the body chemistry of virtually any individual.

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