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Shawn Riley Assumes Integral Role as Chief Data Officer at DarkLight


DarkLight, a cybersecurity analytics and automation platform driven by
artificial intelligence, today announced that Shawn Riley has been named
Chief Data Officer following his successful eight months as a Senior
Advisor to the company. As Chief Data Officer, Riley will drive the
product strategy and vision by advancing the Artificial Intelligence
(AI) solution to the cyber ecosystem to support security operations,
analytics, and reporting.

"Our leadership team was seeking a thought leader who possessed a deep
technical knowledge of cyber data and it's massive potential as an
asset," said John Shearer, CEO and Co-Founder of DarkLight. "Shawn Riley
possesses this very unique skill set, and clearly understands the
complex intersection of analytic tradecraft, data and artificial
intelligence. We are confident that having him on board will strengthen
our product strategy and transform our business."

Riley, a regular contributor to the Science
of Security (SoS) Virtual Organization
has two decades of experience in the defense and intelligence
communities, initially as part of the U.S. Navy's Cryptologic Community
specializing in Information Assurance and Information Operations before
transitioning to Lockheed Martin where he last served as a Senior Fellow
and Head of Cyber Intelligence. Just prior to joining DarkLight, Riley
spent a year as the Director of Cybersecurity Science at Monsanto

While at Lockheed, Riley was a co-inventor of the "Cyber Threat
Intelligence" research project which used AI-based knowledge
representation and reasoning to create a "Cyber Threat Intelligence"
knowledge-based solution. Riley continued his pursuit of applying AI to
cybersecurity at the Centre
for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science
(CSCSS), an
international cyber think tank where he has volunteered as an Executive
Vice President since 2013 and leads the CSCSS Security Science
Directorate. Riley has authored numerous online articles and papers
including "Science
of Cybersecurity
" on how to apply AI-based knowledge representation
and reasoning to develop a scientific foundation to the operational
cybersecurity ecosystem.

"We've been applying data mining and data science in cybersecurity since
the ‘90s and we started applying machine learning over a decade ago in
areas like SPAM detection and filtering. Data mining, data science, and
machine learning each approach the problem space in a similar way, with
bottom up logic (specific to general). The problem is that each of these
solutions is generating a hypothesis that needs to be tested to confirm
if it is or is not a valid detection. For example, this is probably
malware, this is probably a high-risk user or this is probably some bad
behavior, etc." said Riley. "DarkLight's AI takes a completely different
approach by applying top down logic (general to specific) and "Sherlock
Holmes-style" deductive reasoning that ties the evidence in the data to
the analytic claim being made by the AI. This allows DarkLight the
ability to receive the wide range of hypotheses coming from different
machine learning and other cybersecurity solutions an organization has
already invested in and to validate the claim based on the evidence in
the same way a human cyber expert would."

Riley's early involvement in the DarkLight technology, and his practical
experience using the product, bolsters his ability to enhance the
analytics, user experience and machine learning within the DarkLight
product line while supporting investor engagements as a product
visionary and customer engagements as a domain expert and requirements

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