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IGEL Extends Endpoint Management Beyond the Corporate Network


a world leader in the delivery of powerful unified endpoint
management (UEM) software, thin clients, zero clients and all-in-one
solutions, today announced the introduction of the IGEL
Cloud Gateway
, a simple, smart and secure software solution that
supports anytime, anywhere management of IGEL OS-powered endpoint
devices via a standard Internet connection.

Extending the IGEL Universal Management Suite to endpoints located
beyond the corporate network, the IGEL Cloud Gateway seamlessly
authenticates the connection and securely transfers data between the
IGEL UMS and any x86-based device converted into an IGEL-powered
endpoint with the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC), as well as the
recently introduced IGEL UD Pocket, all without the need for a virtual
private network (VPN) or leased-line solution.

"With a growing number of workers across all vertical markets including
government, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and retail
accessing their desktops, applications and data from home or other
locations outside their corporate networks, concern over security
breaches remains high," said Matthias
, Chief Technology Officer, IGEL Technology. "The IGEL Cloud
Gateway addresses these concerns, harnessing the power of the IGEL
Universal Management Suite and IGEL OS to close security gaps created by
Internet-based communications taking place beyond the perimeter of the
corporate network, while supporting standardized endpoint management."

Simple, Zero-Touch Deployment

Setting up the IGEL Cloud Gateway is a quick and easy process that
requires no pre-configuration or on-premise installation by the IT
administrator. And, because the IGEL Cloud Gateway seamlessly integrates
within the IGEL solution environment, VARs, MSPs, solution providers and
hosted desktop providers can now provide their customers with a holistic
endpoint management solution that encompasses the software, services,
hardware residing both inside and outside of their corporate networks.

"The IGEL Cloud Gateway makes it possible for IT organizations who are
already using IGEL OS-powered endpoint devices, including the IGEL
Universal Desktop, the IGEL UD Pocket and converted desktop and laptop
computers, to now benefit from a consistent management approach
regardless of configuration of their IGEL desktop, or the location of
their endpoint," continued Haas.

Concord, Calif.-based Entisys360
is one of the first solution providers in North America to adopt the
IGEL Cloud Gateway solution, and is currently leveraging it to power the
Entisys360 Cloud Workspace, a fully-managed, subscription-based Citrix
VDI workspace that runs on any public or private cloud. "We are excited
about the introduction of the IGEL Cloud Gateway and the fact that it
supports anytime, anywhere access to the Cloud Workspace," said Mike
, CEO, Entisys360. "Together with IGEL, we see an opportunity
to go after tens of thousands of seats with a complete recurring revenue
model that will enable us to innovate, change and grow our business."

Smart Infrastructure and Secure Encryption

Among the key challenges faced by IT organizations today when it comes
to supporting secure and encrypted Internet-based communications with
remote workers include the increasing cost of outsourced VPN and
leased-line solutions, and limitations posed by Network Address
Translation (NAT) technology, including security, scalability and
quality of service.

IT organizations can now leverage IGEL Cloud Gateway to securely and
effectively manage end-user devices that reside outside the corporate
network without the need for a VPN solution. The IGEL Cloud Gateway
eliminates security gaps and can prevent breaches by acting as a virtual
tunnel to support secure and encrypted two-way communications that are
based on open communications standards, including TSL/SSL encryption and
WebSocket protocol, across insecure zones between the IGEL UMS and IGEL
OS-powered endpoints via the cloud or network DMZ, authenticating all
connected points via public key infrastructure.

Availability and Licensing

The IGEL Cloud Gateway, currently supporting IGEL OS version Linux
10.01.310 and later releases, is available now, and can be purchased for
either a 1-year or 3-year renewable license.

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About IGEL

IGEL delivers powerful endpoint management software that is
revolutionary in its simplicity and purpose-built for the enterprise.
The company's world-leading products, including the IGEL Universal
Management Suite, IGEL OS-powered thin and zero clients, and all-in-one
thin client solutions, deliver a smart and secure endpoint management
experience that shifts granular control of thin and zero client devices
from the end user to IT. IGEL has 10 offices worldwide and is
represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on
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