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Advizr Expands Its Reach by Rolling Out Advanced Functionality For Retirement Income Planning


After two years of substantial growth and success with the pre-retiree
segments, Advizr
is adding advanced financial planning capabilities to its award-winning
platform, challenging the notion that financial planning software has to
be complicated.

Financial advisors that already enjoy time savings and efficiencies in
creating financial plans with Advizr will now be able to do the same for
their base of retirees. The new Retirement Income Planning set of
features maintain the same clean and intuitive look and feel that
characterizes Advizr, while adding a new level of depth and
sophistication to the platform.

"As an early adopter, I try lots of software. In effect, I operate a lab
for our partners, looking for the next tool to improve our efficiency
and client experience. Advizr has become a "go to" part of my practice
and the new features/modules only widen the breadth of opportunities to
serve our clients," says Steve Lockshin, co-founder of AdvicePeriod.

Built on the latest architecture, Advizr has - and will continue to -
iterate faster than the incumbents. Advizr users are now able to
leverage the following features:

  • Enhanced Social Security optimization
    • Maximize by net worth, which optimizes social security start age
      in consideration of other asset types and distributions, in order
      to end plan with highest net worth
    • Maximize by lifetime benefits, which optimizes social security
      start age in consideration of life expectancy ages and total
      benefits received from social security
    • Model spousal or survivor benefits
  • Disability and Long Term Care Insurance modules
    • Illustrate current and recommended coverage for disability
    • Illustrate value of retirement accounts given an event that
      necessitates long-term care at a chosen age, as well as proposed
      value of said accounts given the purchase of additional LTC
      insurance coverage
  • One-click expense estimation for budgeting
    • Drawn directly from actual spending habits of clients
    • Averages up to 6 months of spending information to populate budget
      line items with the click of a button
  • Variable, Fixed and Indexed Annuities modeling
    • New input fields for all annuity account types
    • Annuitization included in plan distributions
    • Additional refinements on distribution of deferred annuities
  • Income Distribution Strategies
    • Control the account distribution strategies for retirement goal
    • Choose from between our pre-populated tax optimized option or set
      your own
    • Exclude desired accounts from funding expenses

"Extending our platform's advanced functionality to cover social
security optimization and income distribution strategies was a natural
progression," said Hussain Zaidi, Advizr's CEO & Co-founder. "With that,
most of this functionality has always been under the hood, as our
greatest focus has always been on user experience and that will never
change. We are determined to help our advisors deliver more engaged
financial plans, and we believe the mix of planning functionality and
smart design is critical."

To demonstrate our new features we will be hosting two webinars on March
8th and 22nd at 4:00 PM EST. To register please click here
(March 8th)
or here
(March 22nd)

About Advizr

Advizr, based in New York, NY, is dedicated to creating software that
will expand consumer and advisor access to high-quality financial
planning services in an accessible format. The powerful, automated,
interactive financial planning solution empowers advisors to serve their
clients in a cost-effective way, regardless of net worth. To learn more
about Advizr, please visit

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