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Toyota Launches the 'Vitz' Hybrid Grade


Toyota City, Japan, Jan 12, 2017 - (JCN Newswire) - Toyota City, Japan, January 12, 2017-Toyota Motor Corporation has partially redesigned the "Vitz", and sales will begin at all Netz dealers nationwide on January 12.
Hybrid U (options shown)

The Vitz(2) is a core Toyota brand model that was first launched in 1999 and is now being sold in approximately 80 countries and regions including Europe. Global cumulative sales have surpassed 7 million units(3).

With the partial redesign this time, a hybrid grade was added to the lineup in response to strong requests from customers against a backdrop of growing demand for hybrids in the compact hatchback market(4), the vehicle segment which the Vitz belongs to. In addition, major changes were made to the exterior design to create a vehicle with an even stronger market presence.

The development concept of the redesign incorporated the maximum possible knowledge and technology so as to achieve extensive improvements that exceed those typical of a partial redesign. In line with this concept, the hybrid system was enhanced, the shock absorbers were improved, and numerous areas of the body were made more rigid to provide for an exceptional driving performance. In addition, an interior design with all-black ornamentation was adopted, alongside other improvements which have been made to increase product appeal.

Welcab versions (specially equipped vehicles with factory-installed features for the disabled and elderly) offer the same improvements as the base models.

The Vitz is part of the lineup rolled out by the in-house Toyota Compact Car Company. Kazuhiro Miyauchi, the president of the Toyota Compact Car Company, made the following comment with the launch of the car, that "The Vitz pushes forward the boundaries of compact car manufacturing by combining the latest environmentally friendly and safety technologies with responsive and fun-to-drive dynamic performance. This Vitz is the template for the exciting new vehicles that we will continue to bring to market in the future."

(1)Under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's JC08 test cycle
(2)The overseas series name is the "Yaris"
(3)As of December 2016; based on Toyota calculations
(4)The market scale for hybrid compact hatchbacks was approximately 80,000 units in 2011, but increased to approximately 310,000 units in 2015; based on Toyota calculations

Monthly sales target for Japan
9,000 units

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices for Welcab Variants

Main Features

1. High Fuel Efficiency and Roominess Pursued by Adopting a Lightweight and Compact Hybrid System

Hybrid System

The new Vitz is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine hybrid system with improved control of the engine, motor, inverter, and other components. The hybrid model boasts class-leading fuel efficiency of 34.4 km/L(1). This exceeds the Japanese government's 2020 fuel economy standards by at least 20 percent, and achieves emissions that are at least 75 percent lower than the 2005 standards set under the Japanese government's Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles. As a result, the hybrid Vitz is eligible for Japanese government subsidies and tax incentives for eco-cars.

Key Hybrid System Specifications

Package and Maneuverability

By placing the drive battery under the rear seat, both the interior and cargo space equivalent to that of a gasoline vehicle have been achieved. The package has a length of 3,945 mm (60 mm more than the earlier model) and width of 1,695 mm in consideration of maneuverability, thus achieving a minimum turning radius of 4.7 m(3).

2. More Impressive Exterior Design Features a Sense of Dynamism and Refinement

Front, Rear, and Side Views

- The main areas of change are the front bumper, low grille, headlights, and fog lamp cover.
- The wide and low stance is emphasized, providing a dynamic feel and a sense of a low center of gravity.
- Bi-Beam LED headlights (with auto-leveling function and smoked plated finish) are available as an option, and when combined with the line-emitting LED clearance lights, the ruggedness is emphasized.

- The main changes are to the back door, back door garnish, rear combination taillights, rear bumper, and rear wiper.
- Similar with the front view, the wide and low stance is emphasized.
- LED line-emitting taillights are available as an option. The brake lights, which incorporate six LEDs, create an impressive rear view.

- The wheel design has been updated to create an enhanced feel.(4)

Color variations

A total of 17 exterior colors are available, including the newly-developed Clear Blue Crystal Shine (option) and the new Avant Garde Bronze Metallic.
- Dark Blue Mica and Olive Mica Metallic are newly available for shiny decorations only(5).

3. Refined Interior Designs Conveys a Sense of Consistency

- All ornamentation is black, creating a refined interior.
- Barrel Brown, a brown shade, is now available on the U grade (including the Sporty package), conveying a modern and refined space. In addition, the new Marsala, a sepia tone, is available on the Hybrid Jewela and Jewela (including the Smart Stop package) grades, enhancing the hatchback's sense of quality.

4. Others

Substantial Improvement in Basic Performance
- By adopting shock absorbers with a new structure, increasing the number of spot welds on various parts of the body, and making other changes to increase body rigidity, and increasing the thickness of braces around the instrument panel, driving performance have been enhanced, which offers exceptional maneuvering stability as well as a comfortable ride.
- Safety have also been improved by making the Toyota Safety Sense C collision avoidance assist package and hill-start assist control standard on all models, thus supporting safer driving.

New Sporty package

The new Sporty Package with 16-inch aluminum wheels, aerodynamic components, and a sporty exterior have been created.

(1)Under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's JC08 test cycle
(2)Using both engine power and electric motor power; based on Toyota calculations
(3)5.6 m in the case of the Hybrid U and Sporty package. The gasoline model with 165/70R14 tires has a minimum turning radius of 4.5 m.
(4) The Jewela grade (including the Smart Stop package) will continue to use 14-inch steel wheels (with exclusive resin full caps).
(5) Plated ornamentation on the door mirrors and exterior door handles exclusive to the Hybrid Jewela and Jewela (including the Smart Stop Package) grades (option).

Link to the "Vitz" webpage (Japanese only):

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