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Aeon Clinical Laboratories Launches MDx Advantage™ - an Innovative Women's Health, qPCR-Based Diagnostic Test for STDs and Other Infections


GAINESVILLE, Ga., Dec. 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Authentidate Holding Corp. (OTC: ADAT), a provider of diagnostic services including toxicology and genetic testing, Telehealth, and web-based software applications for healthcare organizations, today announced the launch of an innovative new Women's Health diagnostic test, MDx Advantage™, which utilizes Molecular Microbiology to improve on the legacy testing methods. Analysts estimate the global market size for women's healthcare diagnostics to be $36.64 billion by 2021.

Traditionally, vaginal infections are diagnosed using a combination of gynecological examinations including a vaginal pH test, a microscopic evaluation (gram-stain and/or wet mount), and an amine odor test. However, such procedures have approximately a 30% chance of failure and cannot detect common, mixed infections. According to the CDC, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is estimated to affect 21.2 million (29.2%) of women between the ages of 14-49. Further, vulvovaginal candidiasis caused by Candida sp. or other yeasts affects 75% of women at least once, and 40%-45% of women at least 2 or more times. Especially in cases of mixed infections, an accurate diagnosis is crucial for determining the best treatment plan.

Aeon's innovative approach enables accurate and rapid detection and diagnosis of such infections, including sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis (BV), and others. Aeon's Molecular Microbiology approach facilitates broad coverage of vaginal flora by targeting thirty-four (34) different microbial organisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa.

This testing provides significant advantages over the use of the traditional diagnostics including improved accuracy (testing will distinguish microbes down to the species level), faster turnaround time, and an easy-to-read report.

"Our PCR-based DNA amplification techniques provide higher specificity and sensitivity compared to other methods," commented Jillian Quiett, Head of the Pharmacogenomics Department at Aeon. "This new testing will provide our physician clients the ability to use a single test to detect the microorganisms responsible for the symptoms the patient is experiencing."

Dr. Holly Carpenter, Chair of Aeon's Scientific Advisory Board and Director of Business Development, added, "Our focus is on the future of healthcare, and it is our mission to provide our clients and their patients with revolutionary tools that are used to diagnose and treat diseases with actionable information. Aeon stands as an industry leader at the frontier of precision medicine and genetic testing with a focus on helping our physician clients to deliver accurate, patient-centric, and personalized medical care."

MDx Advantage™ is an excellent new option for Aeon's physician clients with patients presenting with vaginal infection symptoms and requiring a quick and accurate diagnosis. For more information about Aeon Clinical Laboratories  and all the services offered, please visit:


Authentidate Holding Corp., (OTC: ADAT) through its wholly owned subsidiary, AEON Clinical Laboratories, operates a comprehensive clinical laboratory using state of the art testing equipment.  is one of the fastest growing clinical laboratories and healthcare services organizations in the U.S. Offering diagnostic services in Cancer Genomics, Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics, and Health Technology Applications. Aeon is a leader  in scientific innovation and client partnerships. Founded in 2011, Aeon is focused  on healthcare technology research and development where our proprietary methodologies can provide expedited and highly accurate urine and oral fluid (saliva) test results. Our executive leadership and Ph.D. scientists offer decades of expertise from the field. We provide our partner healthcare professionals with customized service plans to maximize the effective delivery of care.

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