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The "SP" system beats AI alternatives


"Multiple alignment could be the 'double helix' of intelligence": new paper by Dr Gerry Wolff of

Menai Bridge, Anglesey (PRWEB UK) 24 November 2016

The SP theory of intelligence has advantages over several AI-related alternatives according to a new paper by Dr Gerry Wolff of

The SP system, expressed in the SP computer model, is different from other AI systems because it is designed for the seamless integration of ​diverse kinds of knowledge and diverse aspects of intelligence. This kind of integration across a broad canvass appears to be essential for the development of human-like intelligence. It has the potential to supercharge AI.

The key to simplification and integration is the powerful concept of multiple alignment, borrowed and adapted from research in biochemistry. This provides a framework for several different aspects of intelligence, including learning, pattern recognition, several kinds of reasoning, problem solving, and more.

"Multiple alignment could be the ‘double helix' of intelligence" says Dr Wolff. "It could prove to be as significant for an understanding of intelligence as is DNA in biological sciences."

Benefits of the SP system can be seen when it is compared with "deep learning", an idea which is popular at present. The new paper describes several problems with deep learning and how, with the SP system, those problems may be solved.

"Although deep learning has been making the headlines" says Dr Wolff, "it is likely that the SP system will provide a firmer foundation for the long-term development of AI. At the same time, it has the potential to deliver useful applications on relatively short timescales".

The SP system has advantages over several other AI systems, as described in the paper.

"We aim to develop the current SP computer model into a powerful SP machine" says Dr Wolff. "This would be driven by an existing supercomputer but would provide a versatile intelligence that is missing from any ordinary computer."


1 The new paper may be downloaded via "The SP theory of intelligence: distinctive features and advantages" (PDF, J G Wolff, IEEE Access, 4, 216-246, 2016,

2 Related papers are detailed, many with download links, on .

3 Dr Gerry Wolff, the author of the new paper, may be contacted via jgw AT or +44 1248 712962 (landline) or +44 7746 290775 (mobile).

4 Since people often ask what the name "SP" stands for, it is short for "Simplicity" and "Power" in accordance with "Occam's Razor". That principle says that a scientific theory should be as simple as possible without sacrificing its descriptive or explanatory power. Simplicity and power is also equivalent to compression of information, which is at the heart of how the SP system works.

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