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360pi Launches Exclusive Retail Report on 2016 Holiday Toy Trends


360pi, the leader in product and price intelligence, today released the first report in its illustrious Holiday Insights Series. This report, Unwrapping Holiday Toy Strategies, sampled over 160 top-trending Toys & Games products matched 1:1 between Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys "R" Us1 and compared respective hot holiday lists between the same retailers.

This year, assortment is the crux of most retailers' holiday Toys strategies, granting them a unique opportunity to play competitively without sacrificing margins. Here are some of the other key emerging trends from the report:

Amazon getting strategic on more than just price.

In spite of their seemingly boundless product offerings, Amazon actually presented the least amount of product overlap in their list of predicted hot holiday Toys with the retailers surveyed. As of October 31, 2016, only 7% of Amazon's Top 100 Best-Selling Toys were listed by other retailers as top trending Toys.

What's trending this year? The ghost of Toys past.

Looking at this year's top Toy trends, we see a few new contenders, including newly sprouted Hatchimals, produced by the ever-popular brand, Spin-Master. However, we also see a number of retailer exclusive products that are analogous versions or expanded offerings straight from last year's lineup, like Pie In the Face Game, Zoomer Dino and Bunchems.

Marketplaces can be valuable, but be wary.

Amazon had the second highest percentage of unavailable products (18%)2 in the sampled selection of self-reported top Toys; however, when Amazon's marketplaces were factored in, the number of unavailable products dropped to 0%. Conversely, Target, offering no marketplace environment, exhibited the highest percentage of unavailable products (32%) – that's roughly one third! Our analysis also found that on October 31, select Wal-Mart marketplace sellers were capitalizing on the retailer's out-of-stocks on the favored Hatchimals products, charging 4X the initial price of the product.

Amazon and Wal-Mart mirror each other's price changes.

Despite Amazon changing prices on 10% more of the sampled product set than Wal-Mart in the month of October, on average, Wal-Mart moved in lockstep with Amazon's price change movements, indicating that the retailers are likely closely monitoring each other.

Toys "R" Us still grappling with pricing perception.

Although Toys "R" Us was the most price dynamic, as characterized by the vast number of daily price change fluctuations on the sampled product set, the retailer still priced higher than all sampled retailers, including 22% above Amazon, on average.

Unwrapping Holiday Toy Strategies is part of 360pi's fourth annual, award-winning Holiday Insights Series, delivering subscribers exclusive weekly holiday product and pricing trends across several major retailers, including Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target. Sign up for the Holiday Insights Series to download the report and to receive 360pi's special Black Friday and Cyber Monday analyses, a must-have for every retailer and brand manufacturer this holiday.

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1 This analysis does not factor in deals such as coupons, "buy one get one", or loyalty offers, though recognizes that many retailers will rely heavily on these types of promotional tactics to drive performance this holiday.

2 Does not include marketplace sellers or third-party providers. Marketplace sellers do not exist on Target or Toys "R" Us websites.

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