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Dominion Water and Sanitation District to Issue Series 2016 Tap Fee Revenue Bonds


The Dominion Water and Sanitation District ("District") plans to issue approximately $70,000,000 of Tap Fee Revenue Bonds, Series 2016 during the month of December 2016 in order to: (i) finance the cost of the design, acquisition and construction of a portion of the costs of the wholesale water, wastewater and irrigation delivery systems to the Sterling Ranch Development; (ii) pay interest on the 2016 Bonds through December 1, 2019; (iii) fund the 2016 Reserve Account of the Reserve Fund for the 2016 Bonds; and (iv) pay costs of issuance of the 2016 Bonds.

The District has retained Citigroup Global Markets Inc. to serve as its underwriter during these bond financing activities. The Series 2016 Bonds are being offered and sold only to "Financial Institutions and Institutional Investors" as such terms are defined in Section 32-1-103(6.5) Colorado Revised Statutes as amended.


This press release is an advertisement and is not a prospectus or an offering to purchase District bonds. A prospectus for the District's bond offering will be prepared and made available prior to the sale of any District bonds. Investors should not subscribe for any securities referred to in this document except on the basis of information contained in the prospectus.


Dominion Water and Sanitation District
Denise Denslow, 303-265-7910
District Manager

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