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VersaClimber Specialist Branches into Spinning Conditioning / Announces 24/7 Support Classes


Elite Training Boston, the East Coast's first VersaClimber fitness studio, has teamed up the amazing benefits of the VersaClimber functional workout machine with the calorie churning benefits of spin cycling. Their recent purchase of four state of the art AirFit Spin Bikes means that clients now have access to two of the most effective full body training devices in existence.

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) October 25, 2016

Elite Training Boston is headed by William Byrd, a performance enhancement specialist, who trains athletes, models and anyone else whose serious about getting in shape. With 4 personal training certifications to his credit, Byrd knows how to push his athletes for maximum results. He's excited about combining the VersaClimber with the AirFit Spin Bike.The class begins with a full throttle session on the spin cycle, followed by several heart pounding minutes of high intensity interval training, and concluding with a high octane workout on the VersaClimber.

The dual action AirFit Spin Bike by Schwinn combines cardio and strength training with a dual action wind resistance. This combines upper and lower body resistance training with the benefits of a full on cardio workout. The twin belt transmission ensures that you get a smooth, fluid riding experience. The riding resistance is determined by the level of intensity; the harder you pedal, the higher the level of resistance. A unique fan design displaces air in accordance with effort. This means that anyone can customize their workout, making this bike suitable for all fitness levels.

In the month of November, Elite Fitness Boston is launching a month long special course tailored to anyone wanting to lose weight, tone up, and develop healthy lifestyle choices. While incorporating all of the benefits of the VersaClimber / AirFit combination, this special class goes beyond the workout to provide complete guidance all day, every day. Coach William Byrd will be offering 24/7 support for clients, including what to eat and how to recuperate. The classes are unlimited and are individually tailored to each client's needs. Byrd is so confident that his clients will achieve their goals that he's offering a 100% money back guarantee.

The Versa Climber has been described as "the greatest piece of fitness equipment ever devised" by fitness personality and trainer Mark Sisson. VersaClimbing combines both upper and lower body exercises into one natural vertical climbing motion. It features a patented vertical climbing design which places the body in the ideal positioning to activate all muscle groups. A strong emphasis is on core development.

William Byrd is a certified personal trainer with accreditation from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS). He has trained hundreds of clients to achieve the shape of their lives, including professional sports people striving for peak performance, housewives looking to drop extra pounds and celebrities intent on nailing a role.

Byrd has long been passionate about the benefits of training on the VersaClimber. He discovered the VersaClimber several years ago and has, ever since, harbored a dream to bring its benefits to his East Coast clientele. After a year on the West Coast, he has developed what he believes to be the most complete, results producing programs available anywhere.

Byrd operates Elite Training Boston, a fully equipped training studio out of Watertown, MA. In addition to a selection of brand new VersaClimbers, the facility features a full range of Eleiko bars and resistance plates, along with more traditional cardio equipment such as rower and treadmills.

Byrd offers individual training sessions, where the client is able to choose from a range of workout options including bodyweight, resistance, the VersaClimber or a combination of these. He also offers group classes, which are limited to four in order to retain the personal touch.

Elite Training Boston is a fully equipped, state of the art fitness training studio. It offers the perfect match of fully equipped functionality and personalized attention to detail service.

The studio is located at:

150 Belmont St, Watertown, MA 02472

Contact Information:

Elite Traiing Boston
150 Belmont St, Watertown, MA 02472

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