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Celebrities Quit Smoking Successfully By Ditching Traditional Methods And Using The Kerry Gaynor Method


The Kerry Gaynor Method has helped a number of celebrities to quit smoking and is even more affordable with its October discount.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2016

Smokers are under more pressure now than ever to quit smoking, yet most of the smoking cessation programs available have low success rates. For instance, the quit rate for patches is only 23% whereas for pills is roughly 24%. Moreover, research has shown that vaping can have the same hazardous effects as smoking does. With a recent study showing that the damages of tobacco usage can last more than 30 years, there is more urgency in finding the right method that will break the addiction for good.

Instead of relying on traditional methods, celebrities have tried alternative ways and many have found success with The Kerry Gaynor Method. For over 33 years, doctors around the globe have recommended the hypnosis-based program to quit smoking. With an 85% quit rate, the method has already helped almost 10,000 people to kick off the habit without relying on nicotine substitutes. Among the list of film stars who have quit using the Kerry Gaynor Method include Aaron Eckhart, Rashida Jones, Katie Cassidy, Lynn Collins, Charlize Theron, and Debra Messing. With no side effects of withdrawals, cravings or weight gain, it has become a celebrity top choice for fending off cigarette cravings.

"In a lot of these processes of quitting, there's a lot of negative feelings that come with it…Kerry really alleviates all that," shared Aaron Eckhart. Through the Kerry Gaynor Method, the actor was able to break his 20-year habit and has shared his experience in a number of interviews, including with the comedian Chelsea Handler. Handler, like Eckhart, has also reaped the benefits of using the method.

Additionally, individuals who want to cleanse all the harmful chemicals that have accumulated in their bodies from years of inhaling tobacco can use The Kerry Gaynor Method's extension, Vital Lung Detox, to obtain the pulmonary detox they need. The plant-based herbal formula was developed to relieve years of congestion and loosen harmful chemicals that have built inside the lungs over the time.

People who want to end their nicotine addiction can take the same approach that famous stars took at an affordable price for the month of October. Throughout the month, the Kerry Gaynor Method will be offering a 50% discount on its kits and will be rolling out a streaming feature for the first time soon. The Kerry Gaynor Method is not restricted for celebrities – it is accessible and affordable to anyone who is serious about quitting smoking and start taking control over their health.

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