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AcademyWomen eMentor Program Expands Services for Military Women and Women Veterans


The MilitaryWomen eMentor website offers a robust online platform that connects women of all ages and stages of their military career.

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) October 19, 2016

The AcademyWomen eMentor program today announced the launch of a newly expanded interactive community website created by military women for military women. The MilitaryWomen eMentor website offers a robust online platform that connects women of all ages and stages of their military career. The community is open to current military women and women veterans from all branches, eras of service, components (to include National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty), and ranks (enlisted and officer).

The new interface is similar to familiar social media platforms with the added enhancement of personal goal setting and mentorship opportunities for personal and professional development. Military women are able to build a community of support through mentorship as well as create, react to and comment on posts, share information and resources and plan events. There is no cost to join this community. More information can be found by visiting the eMentor website at and clicking on "MilitaryWomen eMentor."

With only 15% of the US Armed Forces comprised of women worldwide, limited access to other military women is a common scenario. The MilitaryWomen eMentor community eliminates geographic boundaries and bridges this divide by providing a free resource to military women so that they are better equipped with the skills and information critical for personal and professional development. This community of military women joins together to discuss and offer solutions to a variety of development needs including:

  •     Developing a rewarding career path
  •     Women in the military- unique issues
  •     Family and personal options- what to consider
  •     Maintaining health and fitness while deployed
  •     Finding meaningful employment following separation from military service

The MilitaryWomen eMentor community serves current, former and aspiring military women including officers-in-training, junior enlisted, non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, commissioned officers and veterans from all commissioning sources and branches of military service. The community is designed to provide a continuum of support to military women throughout various stages of their lives. An ROTC officer-in-training might be deciding if she wants to pursue an Active Duty career or join the Reserves. A Senior Airman who is starting to explore career progression options might be looking for guidance from a trusted source that has walked a path similar to hers. A junior officer might need to connect with an influential network of career mentors who can help position her for meaningful employment following her military service. A retired veteran entering the latter stages of her life might be searching for resources regarding aging and wellness. eMentor is for the mother facing her first military deployment away from her children and husband. It's for the wife, who is contemplating starting a family. It's for the woman in a same sex partnership seeking additional guidance in navigating work-life balance. It's for the budding entrepreneur who has dreams of launching her own business. eMentor is for all military women, who are certainly strong when they stand alone, but who are even stronger when united together in a community of support.

"It's for all of us, including women veterans who served proudly, but perhaps feel so far removed from that time in our lives that we hardly raise our hands when asked if we are veterans," says Erica Hartless, a US Army veteran and Director of the eMentor Program.

Becoming a member of the MilitaryWomen eMentor community is a quick and simple process. After filling out a profile designed to customize a user experience that meets the unique needs of each participant, a protégé is prompted to review and choose from a list of suggested mentors to find her ideal match. Women who have gone through military training can connect with a mentor who shares common history and can provide personal and professional development. For those who are not seeking a formal mentor, the platform has several social features for members to share information and gather resources.

The enhanced MilitaryWomen eMentor community features multi-media resources centered on the pillars of:

  •     Leadership
  •     Professional Development
  •     Health & Wellness
  •     Coaching & Mentoring

The expanded services and website enhancements of the MilitaryWomen eMentor community are supported by Allergan, a leader in Women's healthcare. All services are provided free of cost to participants through the generous support from individual donors and corporate sponsors who understand the value military women and women veterans provide to the nation and their communities.

Erica Hartless, Director of eMentor Programs explains, "What started as a simple place for military women to connect with each other for one-to-one professional development is becoming a robust resource for military women to share with each other, discuss ideas in affinity groups, and connect." 

About eMentor

eMentor is an award winning online mentoring program that has served 6,000+ military women, veterans, cadets, midshipmen and military spouses in mentoring relationships. eMentor uses mentoring to bridge the divide between geographically dispersed and underserved communities so that protégés are better equipped with the skills and resources critical for personal and professional development. eMentor programs include: MilitaryWomen eMentor, Veteran eMentor, Military Spouse eMentor, CadetMidn Women eMentor, Military Entrepreneur (In Development) and STEMkids eMentor (In Development). Please direct questions to Erica Hartless at

About AcademyWomen

AcademyWomen is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003 as a leadership and professional development organization. Visit for more information. AcademyWomen membership and events are open to all who support the organization's mission.

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Allergan is a leader in women's health care that is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of women. The mission of Allergan Women's HealthCare extends beyond its pharmaceutical products to ensure that all women can make informed decisions about their health and have access to high-quality medications. Allergan is committed to investing in programs that support the education and well-being of all women. For more information, visit

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