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Medi Spa Las Vegas Offers New 'Fat-Freezing' Breakthrough Treatment CoolSculpting To Aid In Weight Loss


Las Vegas Medi Spa tests out new fat-reduction aesthetics treatment, 'CoolSculpting', on two patient volunteers. In exchange for their honest assessment of the procedure and to see whether 'freezing-the-fat' actually works.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) October 06, 2016

This week, Medi Spa Las Vegas, tested fat-freezing treatment breakthrough CoolSculpting on two patients. The two patients, Tara Wilkins and Fred Howard, agreed to try the treatment and give their honest feedback on the fat-freezing procedure. They agreed to be interviewed immediately afterwards; and then again in 4 weeks to check their progress.

CoolSculpting is the latest FDA approved fat reduction treatment on the market. It claims to work by freezing fat cells and letting the body dispose of them. Initially Tara was a little skeptical about the procedure, as she didn't know how freezing would work. But Fred was excited about trying the treatment, since family members had tried it and were "more than thrilled with the results". They had the CoolScultping procedure performed at the Medi Spa Clinic Offices, by one of the trained registered nurses on staff. While CoolSculpting isn't necessarily painful, there are instances of discomfort reported with the procedure. To help minimize any chance of discomfort both Tara and Fred were offered numbing agents.

After the preparations, Fred went first and during treatment he reported feeling a "deep cooling sensation", but no pain. Tara recalled feeling a cooling sensation "but it didn't cause any discomfort." Both patients also reported being able to occupy themselves throughout the duration of the treatment, which lasted about an hour.

Typically, results can be expected a few weeks after treatment. After waiting for a certain amount of time for the results to start showing; we returned again to interview Tara and Fred to see if they noticed any changes, and to hear about their individual experiences. Tara, who once expressed hesitation was impressed; "I was skeptical at first, but my love handles are gone. I am extremely happy with my results!" Fred was also pleased with the CoolSculpting procedure and expressed interest in trying it again, "to eliminate the fat on my sides now that my stomach is flatter." Fred also stated that he would recommend both the treatment and the Medi Spa Las Vegas clinic to his friends.

In the end, while CoolSculpting's method of ‘freezing the fat away', may seem far-fetched. The results speak for themselves. CoolSculpting helps the body get rid of the fat without invasive surgery. It's been called the newest ‘lunch time' procedure for fast-paced people who are looking for little to no down time. If you're in the Las Vegas area and would like to learn more about the procedure, contact the staff at Las Vegas Medi Spa.

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