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Sensible Surrogacy in Ukraine to Donate Half of All Revenue in October to Children's Health Charity


This October, Sensible Surrogacy will donate 50% of its revenues from all services, including surrogacy in Ukraine and other worldwide destinations, to help improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

(PRWEB) October 05, 2016

To observe Child Health Day, Sensible Surrogacy will donate half of its revenues from all programs during the month of October to the March of Dimes. The offer includes consulting and management services for IVF and surrogacy in Ukraine and other countries, as well as comprehensive surrogacy consulting and other resources to support future parents.

Sensible Surrogacy is responding to the President's call for all organizations to take part in this important holiday. The consultancy is not only contributing money to the children's charity, they also are directly contacting their current and previous clients and recommending they take part in Child Health Day by having healthy activities with their families – going for a walk, playing in the park, or doing active yardwork.

"The health of children around the world is always worth our attention, but especially this year with the ongoing violence, hunger, and homelessness on a global scale," said Bill Houghton, director of Sensible Surrogacy. "This year we've all watched the suffering of our smallest citizens presented in stark reality. I was personally horrified by the images of suffering children splashed across our TVs and newspapers. We're a small business, but we all can make a difference."

The Sensible Surrogacy consultancy is focused on the conception and development of healthy and happy families. The organization refers and manages fertility procedures and surrogacy programs in countries worldwide, including the United States, Ukraine, Cambodia, Mexico, and soon in Canada. Their consultants are directed daily to ensure that clients receive the best available prenatal care, and that their newborns have the best opportunity at a healthy life. March of Dimes fights to end premature birth, as well as birth defects and other critical health issues that threaten babies. As organizations focused on healthy and loving families, there is a natural alignment between the consultancy and the charity.

"Our new families are filled with love! That's the Sensible Surrogacy motto, and that's our fundamental goal," said Houghton. "We want all couples to realize their dreams of a happy family, whether through innovative medical care for couples suffering from infertility, or new options for surrogacy for gay couples. Whether children are born via ART procedures in the United States or gestational surrogacy in Ukraine, all newborns share the same risk of premature birth and birth defects. We realize that a happy loving family is not possible when the health of our children is threatened. And so we are proud to take part in Children's Health Day in the United States and around the world."

The March of Dimes charity is an important contributor to the fight to end premature birth and birth defects. Sensible Surrogacy will donate 50% of all revenues in October from its programs to support those efforts. The offer includes revenues from consulting and management services for surrogacy in Ukraine, Cambodia and the United States.

Child Health Day was enacted by the US Congress in 1928. Each year the U.S. government and private businesses partner to further the awareness of the necessity for year-round programs to protect and develop the health of children.

Sensible Surrogacy is an an ethical IVF & surrogacy consultancy with client support in Europe and North America. They arrange affordable, complete and experienced surrogacy services through our overseas consultants and a network of medical and legal service providers.

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