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'King's Residence', the Only Residential Building in Southern Taiwan, Awarded both 'Earthquake Resistance Label' and 'Green Building Label'


- Official Global Sales in November
- World-class Luxury Home's New Extravagance Standard in Kaohsiung Defined

The exterior design of King's Residence resembles "bamboo", overseeing a vast greenery.

King's Residence at night: a picturesque landscape.

The front gate of King's is decorated with a royal emblem with a resemblance to European aristocrats to further outline and define its elegance.

HONG KONG, Oct 25, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - King's Town Construction Co., Ltd. ("King's Town"), a leading property developer with long history and strong capabilities in Taiwan, today announces the official global sales of the topmost luxury mansion King's Residence in early November. Enjoying a prime and prestigious location in Kaohsiung, the size of possession of land (including communal area) of residential unit starts from approximately 3,470 square feet to 10,003 square feet, and the selling price of residential unit starts at HKD18.9 million with an average price of HKD5,350 per square foot. Great Union International Holdings Ltd., ("Great Union") is the sole agent of King's Residence in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and North America.

King's Residence, located in Nong-16 Zone of Kaohsiung, offers a perfect bird's view of Kaohsiung Aozihdi Forest Park (also known as "Nong-16 Forest Park") which has an area of 220,000 square feet that rivals the beautiful view of New York Central Park and London Hyde Park. Thanks to the effort made by Kaohsiung Government in city planning, Nong-16 Zone now becomes a comprehensive and superior area providing one-stop shopping, travelling, leisure and cultural activities. Besides, King's Residence has an unrivalled geographic competitive edge with its prime location in the forefront of the forest park. Furthermore, the value of this project will be guaranteed because no similar property project will be developed after that. With the above mentioned irreplaceable bettering, King's Residence has become the highlight of property market in Kaohsiung and Taiwan even during the pre-sales period.

Mr. Tsai Tien-tsan, Chairman of King's Group, said, "King's Residence is our 'the best of the best' project. The Group has devoted its 35-years' property development experiences to create this masterpiece with meticulous design. King's Residence provides world's first-class picturesque view in unique architectural style. It is a beautiful paradise for people with class to live in."

Unrivalled site with prime location

King's Residence is adjacent to Kaohsiung R13 Aozihdi Station. It takes only three minutes to walk to the MRT station, ten minutes to drive to the High Speed Rail station and twenty-five minutes to the airport. This property is located in K-Arena, the central business district (CBD) of Northern Kaohsiung which is always considered as the area where housing price is best guaranteed. K-Arena offers a wide range of commercial and shopping facilities, including J.W. Marriott Hotel Kaohsiung, IMAX Cinema with the largest screen in Taiwan, COSTCO, E-DA Asia Plaza and Hanshin Department Store. It becomes a symbol of trendy lifestyle in Kaohsiung at present.

Apart from the commercial facilities nearby, King's Residence is also located in the first-class school district. Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the sculpture park and Children's Museum of Fine Arts planned in Nong-16 Zone, are close to King's Residence. This area will grow into a leisure hub with multiple functions like arts, culture, creativity, ecology and education.

Mr. Will CHEN, Director & General Manager of King's Town, said, "Kaohsiung is Taiwan's only city with a well-established sea, land and air transportation. Kaohsiung International Airport is Taiwan's second largest airport, and Kaohsiung Port is the largest shipping hub in Taiwan. The public transportation system of Kaohsiung consists of High Speed Rail, TRA and MRT. Besides, Nong-16 Zone where King's Residence is located is a hub of business, culture, leisure and entertainment. King's Residence is regarded as icing on the cake."

Open layout allows flexible decoration

King's Residence has a total of 36 floors (and five floors underground) with 2 Blocks (Block A and Block B), offering a total of 118 residential units and 8 retail shops. The size of possession of land (including communal area) of residential unit starts from approximately 3,470 square feet to 10,003 square feet. Both blocks have two household units each from 3rd to 29th floor and one household unit each on 30th floor and above. Four units have balconies with size of possession of land from 637 to 890 square feet. All units enjoy a 180 degrees perfect view of the forest park.

King's Residence is in steel structure for the whole building. There is no prebuilt partition inside the residential units and the owners can take full charge of their indoor decoration and design according to personal requirement and preferences. Hence, it greatly enhances the flexibility. With 365 parking lots for private car made available, the ratio of residential unit to parking space is approximately 1:3. In addition, there are 154 parking lots for motorcycles. Each household unit also owns a storage cabinet in the basement staircase for the storage of bulk items like golf equipment or strollers.

ART DECO: reappearance of classic design

Based on the concept of Art Deco, the architectural style of King's Residence gives an impression of remarkable and outstanding momentum. The emphasis in humanistic spirit, the use of novel design, brilliant colours and luxurious materials have made King's Residence the symbol of modern art. From external structures to internal spaces, the design of King's Residence is rich in Art Deco's elements by the signature repetitive use of geometric patterns. King's Residence presents Art Deco's architectural concept in a direct way through contrasting the modern sense of the building with the nature of forest park.

In addition, King's Residence uses "Bamboo" as its design concept with the implication of "making progress with every step". This architectural concept strikes a nice balance between Chinese and Western traditional philosophies and modern culture. Like a giant in the green sea, King's Residence perfectly integrates into the natural environment. The indoor design is dedicated to the taste of life which is characterized by "harmonial peace and internal profundity" to support the natural landscape of green sea.

The only building in Southern Taiwan awarded both "Earthquake Resistance Label" and "Green Building Label"

King's Residence is the only building which is awarded both "Earthquake Resistance Label" and "Green Building Label" from the Taiwan Architecture Centre, and also the first building that is successfully acknowledged by the SRC earthquake resistance label in the Southern Taiwan. King's Residence has adopted the International Construction Code with the use of diaphragm wall, which is 90 cm thick and 38 meters deep underground. The construction of King's Residence consumes 12,000 tons of steel, and it involves the use of CFT column grouting technology, the same technology which was applied in the construction of Taipei 101. The building has a level-6 resistance to earthquake, which is above the average standard. Its structural safety coefficient is largely enhanced.

Customized services for residents

The clubhouse on the fourth floor of King's Residence has a total area of over 35,500 square feet and adopts villa design. It offers many facilities, including banquet hall, swimming pool, KTV room, fitness centre and social hall, and creates exceptional life experiences.

Apart from the selection of both Chinese and western-style snacks as well as food delivery services, the clubhouse also provides customised services such as venue reservation for private functions, dining or family meeting services and beauty treatment. All residents can enjoy a noble-like lifestyle.

Rooftop garden with spectacular views

A rooftop garden in luxurious and spacious design can be found on the rooftop of King's Residence. Pool and performance stage are installed in the centre with indoor dining hall and multi-functional KTV room sitting on both sides of the garden. Here, residents can hold their private parties and banquets, enjoying an elegant and tranquil ambience.

Mr. Eric Lee, Managing Director of Great Union, said, "In the first half of this year, prices of luxury apartments in Nong-16 Zone of Kaohsiung have increased 40% over the past five years. New apartments have also been enjoying a steady price hike. Supply of residence next to the forest park with unblocked view is scarce, and prices double those with less favourable location or view. King's Group, the developer of King's Residence, is one of the leading property developers in Kaohsiung as well as Southern Taiwan. King's Group has a great reputation for its development of top-quality mansion with reliable assurance and in good taste."

InterNations, the world's largest website for expatriates, published a report on 29 August, 2016 on quality of life, career, personal finance, work and family life of those expatriates who have moved to other countries. According to the survey, Taiwan is listed as the world's best place to live for expatriates among the 66 countries and cities.

Photo 1: The exterior design of King's Residence resembles "bamboo", overseeing a vast greenery.
Photo 2: King's Residence at night: a picturesque landscape.
Photo 3: The front gate of King's is decorated with a royal emblem with a resemblance to European aristocrats to further outline and define its elegance.

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Profile of King's Residence

Project: King's Residence
Location: Intersection of Shennong Road, Nanping Road, and Lonmgwen Road
GFA: 736,776 square feet
Floor: 36 floors on the ground, and 5 floors underground
Height: 150.15 meter / 492.62 feet
Lobby Height: 38 feet
Standard Floor Height: 3.5 meter / 11.5 feet
No. of Units: 126 (118 residential units and 8 commercial units)
Parking Space: 365 parking lots for private cars and 154 parking lots for motorcycles
Facilities: Swimming pool, fitness room, mothers' classroom, social hall, dining hall, KTV audio and visual room
Unit Size: From 3,470 ft2 up to 10,003 ft2

About King's Town Construction Co. Ltd. ("King's Town")

King's Town Construction Co. Ltd. (Taiwan stock code: 2524) is one of the largest property developers in Southern Taiwan which has been actively operating in Kaohsiung and Southern Taiwan since its establishment. Over the past thirty-five years, the Group has participated in various kinds of residential projects in Southern Taiwan and has completed over 18,500 units in total. Since 1992, the Group has gained recognition through winning numerous of residential sales champion in Southern Taiwan, and has maintained the largest land inventory in Southern Taiwan. Furthermore, the Group is famous for developing the highest-quality mansion projects, which has achieved various honorary titles in the market. In 2012, two mansion projects under the Group, including "Hyatt Grand Tower" and "Four Seasons Sayan", won "Taiwan Architecture Award" and the "Most Popular Public Facilities for Consumer's Award". In the same year, "Four Seasons Sayan" won "Kaohsiung - Green Building" Award. Two years later, "Water Forest" also received the same award. In September 2016, King's Residence, a world-class mansion project named after King's Group, became the first and only property project that was honoured by "Earthquake Resistance Label" and "Green Building Label". King's Group is well-recognized in the construction industry.

Since its establishment in 1982, King's Group has grown into a well-established and reputable entity in construction, banking and hospitality industries under the management of Mr. Tsai Tien-tsan (the Group's Managing Director) and the support from the staff team. Today, the Group is known as the most reliable, professional and sizable construction and property developer in Southern Taiwan. For details about King's Town, please visit

About Great Union International Holdings Limited ("Great Union")

Great Union was founded in 1992 and has by now established valuable relationships with a variety of clients and strategic partners including dominant local and overseas listed corporations, financial institutions, real estate developers, fund companies, and manufacturers. The Group is managed by a team of professional consultants with years of concrete experience from diversified industries. Throughout the past 20 years, Great Union is committed to provide top-notch professional services to its clients. The Group specializes and intensely focuses in real estate, hotel & travel, corporate & project finance, assets consultancy, tenancy & management, and services of human resources. For more details about Great Union, please visit

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