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Melbourne BAS Agent Shares About Her Journey and Tips on How to Succeed in Business


For a long time, Fiona Failla of AboveBAS, like many working mums, juggled the many aspects of life including family commitments, supporting her husband and children, as well as running a successful business in order to achieve work and life balance.
"I want to be an ambassador for women, to show them how to succeed in business, because we really can do it all. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy, especially when it comes to our children. We feel like we're not doing the right thing or being there for them if we can't pick them up once, or have a meeting when they have a school activity on.  The importance of business owners being able to outsource some areas of the business is vital to being able to achieve this balance," says Fiona.
Work and life balance is something Fiona, a Melbourne BAS agent, and her husband (who have been married for 25 years) have worked hard on.  There have been times of 'role reversals' but this has been against a backdrop of a commitment to a share the domestic workload.
Fiona shared an unexpected benefit of her balancing work and family; that is that her children learned the value of work and understand the good results one can reap from working hard from watching both her and her husband share and balance the work and home commitments.
"My children want to see their mum be successful. I was always there for them when they were younger, and now they're becoming more independent, I'm showing them that it's possible to be a present family member, and still work. We all try to make an effort to catch
up on the weekends as a family," Fiona explains.
Speaking from experience, Fiona sees people going into business, brilliant at what they do, however, if they do not correctly set up a back office or source the right external support, their business can pull them down and impact their family life and relationships.
"At AboveBAS, we relieve a lot of stress for businesses, by setting up their accounts and bookkeeping needs properly from day one. We don't want to see business owners stressed or bogged down with bookkeeping work that they may not fully understand. We take the pressure off them by maintaining their paperwork and compliance issues, and making sure they're aligned with industry and tax office standards."
The Melbourne BAS agent now has a thriving business, helping business owners structure their affairs properly so they can achieve work and life balance, and be more productive, effective and make their business succeed, without sacrificing quality time with their family.
Fiona started her business, AboveBAS, in 2003 amid the need for bookkeepers in her community following the introduction of GST in 2000. The business slowly grew by word of mouth through clients and accountants, and she worked the business around her children who were in primary school at the time.
While operating the bookkeeping business, she completed her Diploma of Accounting, and in the coming years, was able to meet the new BAS agent requirements of the ATO.
In July 2015, Fiona expanded her clientele, largely from word of mouth, and recruited staff to meet the expanding demand.  In November 2014, she opened an office in South Morang and AboveBAS was born. She implemented procedures for business growth and hired more skilled staff to help with BAS, and give clients peace of mind as they endeavoured to achieve the all-important work and life balance.
Fiona shares about how to succeed in business at her official website
About AboveBAS
Formerly Sona Bookkeeping Services which was founded in 2003 by Fiona Failla, AboveBAS now offers businesses more than just bookkeeping services. Fiona Failla has several certifications and memberships, including an Accounting diploma and is a registered BAS agent.
AboveBAS have now expanded and maintained the same values of completing work at the highest standard. It offers services such as Bookkeeping, BAS and Financial Reports, and uses the Pure Bookkeeping System. These processes and systems have been implemented into AboveBAS to ensure the quality of work produced is consistently of the highest standard.
The company caters to all streams of business such as the medical industry, trades, retail, and franchises. It works closely with accountants so they can fulfil all business requirements as laid out by the ATO.
Fiona personally oversees all work performed and reviews all BAS returns lodged by AboveBas.

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