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Australian Team Launches Innovative, Five-Position FaceCradle Travel Pillow on Kickstarter, Enabling "Deep Sleep" in Economy Class


Long-time travelers, entrepreneurs create new approach to a neck pillow that's better adapted to the body's natural sleeping position and can be used in five modes for different airline seating

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) August 17, 2016

With experts citing the neck pillow as a critical item for quality sleep on a flight, a pair of global travelers and entrepreneurs have created the most versatile travel pillow ever made. FaceCradle is now available on Kickstarter.

Unlike countless neck pillows on the market today, David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu created FaceCradle based on the way people typically sleep in bed – horizontally.

"Believe it or not, there are about 30 million neck pillows sold each year in the global market, but all of them are based on supporting the traveler's head in a vertical position – which is not how we normally we sleep…and is also why they really aren't effective," Scrimshaw said. "There are some travel pillows available that allow you to sleep leaning your head forward, but they don't work when the person in front reclines their seat back – and they're also difficult to use when the person seated next to you wants to get out."

After years of struggling to rest on long-haul, economy-class flights, Scrimshaw and Ruwhiu joined forces to create the FaceCradle for themselves – and to help the thousands of travelers who try unsuccessfully to get quality sleep en route to their destinations.

"I've travelled all over the world, including to China, where I've taken more than 100 trips to source and develop new products, so I know first-hand what it's like to be tossing, turning and deliriously trying to get to sleep when travelling," Scrimshaw added. "That's why we we've meticulously designed FaceCradle to be the ultimate product to give travelers many options to find their perfect comfort position and give them sustained periods of sleep."

FaceCradle is designed with five different comfort modes to conform to nearly any kind of seating situation aboard an airplane, bus, train or even in a car.

"Other neck pillows are made for one kind of use and positioning, but we designed FaceCradle to be more functional than the competition," Scrimshaw said. "FaceCradle has the ability to be positioned to allow the use of the area in front of your seat in five distinct modes that we call the ‘dozing, snoozing and table nap' modes – along with two different ‘deep-sleep' modes."

FaceCradle is designed with an innovative internal support frame that is hinged and splits into two sections – allowing travelers to lock the angle of each pillow-setting to support their neck, head and chest. By attaching a harness support and anchoring it around a seat-back, airline passengers can adjust it to several different configurations that enable 180-degree use of the area in front of their seat.

During their crowdfunding campaign, The FaceCradle Travel pillow is available at special, early-bird discount pricing. For more information and to pre-order, visit FaceCradle's Kickstarter Campaign Page.

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