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Gabe Oliver's Debut Album Insight Is Available Now


Gabe Oliver is a musical artist residing in Lahaina, HI, who has just released his debut album digital-only to ensure plastic waste from CD duplication does not end up in the ocean and environment.

(PRWEB) June 26, 2016

Maui singer/songwriter Gabe Oliver's new album, Insight, has just been released and is now available for download via his official website at or via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby and all major music distribution sites.

Oliver is passionate about spreading a positive message of hope, change and unity for the world through his music and lyrics.

Oliver has decided to take an independent and sustainable approach to the release. Instead of printing physical CDs, Insight will only be available via download online.

"I was doing some research on CD duplication, its effects on the environment once these CDs are disposed of and the impact of the materials used to make the CDs, which lead me to this decision," said Oliver.

A lot of new opportunities are arising for the young singer/songwriter. Oliver is now sponsored by Maika'i Woods and Imua ‘ukulele, who have assisted with his journey by providing a new, custom-built Imua ‘ukulele for him to continue playing and spreading his message of hope, change and unity for the world, starting in Maui, Hawaii.

The songs on Insight include:

1. Deprived
2. A Decaying Society
3. Don't Let This Life Get You Down
4. Conscious
5. Recovery

"Allow me to give you some Insight into a Deprived world referred to as A Decaying Society but Don't Let This Life Get You Down. Instead, become more Conscious so that we may be on our way to Recovery."—Gabe Oliver

Oliver plans to release his second album/EP, titled Revelation, by the end of 2016. The songs on this album will include:

1. Detrimental
2. Humane Society
3. Quiet Down
4. Distracted
5. Rise Up From Catastrophe

"I bring to you this new Revealtion as we start to correct our past Detrimental ways of living, and progress on towards a more Humane Society. We have been told to Quiet Down before, but that was when we were Distracted by the superficial standards set by our previous culture. Now is the time we will start to Rise Up From Catastrophe."—Gabe Oliver

You can read more information about Gabe Oliver's vision for music and the Gabe Oliver Music Project via his official website:

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