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Wet World is the Place to Look for Dory in Minnesota


If you are looking to find Dory, in Minnesota, don't bother checking in any of the state's 10,000 lakes. Instead start and end the search at Wet World in Eagan, Minn., one of the region's most knowledgeable and experienced providers of tropical marine and freshwater fish.

"Get the guppy before the puppy," remarked Tom Adams, Wet World co-owner. "Before making the commitment on a dog or cat as a pet, we suggest starting with fish to teach kids the responsibility of caring for a pet."

So to encourage interest in fish as a hobby, movie-goers can redeem their "Finding Dory" ticket stub during the month of June for a FREE Beta fish or a $5.00 discount on saltwater fish at Wet World.

Wet World is also well stocked with Blue Regal Tangs, which will be featured in the upcoming film about a friendly forgetful fish, who is in search of her family. In addition to captivating movie-goers starting June 17, fish as pets have been attracting audiences on a smaller scale in aquariums and fish bowls worldwide.

The U.S. is the world's largest market where fishkeeping is a hobby. U.S. Census Bureau statistics showed 10.6 percent of the nation's households owned ornamental freshwater or saltwater fish with an average of 8.8 fish per household.

Wet World has four main "a-fish-ionados" or experts with a combined 115 years of experience in the fish and aquarium business. Unlike some of the big box or chain pet stores that have employees who were working elsewhere just days before trying to sell you a fish, ferret or parrot, the Wet World team is knowledgeable and serves as a resource for fish collectors, clubs and enthusiasts across the Upper Midwest.

Adams noted, "With the movie comes increased awareness for aquatics as a hobby and we want to help both young and old make this a fun and rewarding endeavor. For kids, this type of hobby can be educational. Having fish and an aquarium can teach kids about science, and encourage them to read and learn more about the care and feeding of their new water-based entertainment center."

To celebrate the opening of the movie, Wet World will be featuring a variety of special events during the month of June and invites anyone who is interested in discovering more about fish featured in the movie to stop in for a visit.

Wet World is located at 3390 Coachman Road, Suite 212 in Eagan, just off Yankee Doodle Road. Wet World has everything a successful aquatic hobbyist will need from saltwater (marine) animals to freshwater fish and live plants. For more information, visit Wet World at

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