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Athletico Physical Therapy Celebrates National Athletic Training Month


As National Athletic Training Month (NATM) is in full swing, Athletico Physical Therapy is announcing several efforts to raise awareness and demonstrate gratitude for athletic trainers.

During the month of March, Athletico will celebrate through fundraising events and public education programs. Athletico and NATM look to increase awareness of the athletic trainer profession and showcase the value its more than 375 athletic trainers add in preventing and treating injuries for a multitude of active individuals.

This year's NATM theme, A Safer Approach to Work, Life, and Sport aims to reach individuals and organizations that can help make a difference for athletic trainers when it comes to legislation, employment and public health.

"We want to recognize the vital role athletic trainers play in everyday life," said Mark Kaufman, president and founder of Athletico Physical Therapy. "From hospitals to corporations to sports fields, these healthcare professionals dedicate their lives to improving the health and wellbeing of society."

A Safer Approach to Work, Life, and Sport highlights three different types of trainers.

  • The industrial athletic trainer: using their ergonomic expertise to improve overall wellbeing and keep employees working at full capacity without injury
  • The clinical athletic trainer: working together with a group of health care professionals this trainer can provide rehab and general patient education to aid in a wide variety of activity-limiting ailments
  • The sports setting athletic trainer: aids in helping elite athletes prevent injury, improve physical performance and safe return to play following injury

As part of National Athletic Trainer's Month, several Athletico fundraising events will be held, including:

  • Athletic Trainer of the Year award
  • Charity sled hockey game featuring Athletico's athletic trainers competing against the Hornets Sled Hockey Team. The charity sled hockey event is open to the public.
  • Employee Jeans Day Fundraiser at all Athletico clinics
  • A raffle to win various prizes

Since 2007, Athletico Physical Therapy has been supporting the Chicago Hornets Sled Hockey team. Over the past six years Athletico's athletic trainers have raised nearly $30,000 for the Hornets. Proceeds from all events go to the Chicago Hornets Sled Hockey Team, as part of the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois, a 501-c3 organization.

The Chicago Hornets are a Youth Sled Hockey team consisting of kids ages 5 to 20 who have physical disabilities yet are determined to play ice hockey. As almost all children do, they want the opportunity to participate in sports and feel the camaraderie of being part of a team. In some cases it's not even to play hockey; for some, it is their only freedom outside a wheelchair or walker.

The program was started to give these children a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sport of hockey. For more information on the Chicago Hornets Sled Hockey team, please click here!

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