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Powell OH Emergency Dentist Offers 20% Off Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Powell Ohio dentist Dr. Jerry Cheung treats patients throughout the Columbus area with dental concerns such as wisdom tooth extractions. A sensitive topic for squeamish and fearful patients, the Powell Ohio dentist is offering tips for knowing when an extraction is necessary, along with a 20% off discount through the month of March to raise awareness.

Powell, OH (PRWEB) February 29, 2016

For Dr. Jerry Cheung, of Powell OH wisdom tooth removal is an everyday occurrence. For individual patients in Powell OH wisdom teeth extraction seems to be the dental appointment most dreaded. To offer patients a bit of ease and to help educate families on the importance of having the wisdom teeth removed, the Powell OH family dentist offers guidance and a 20% discount off of extractions during the month of March to raise awareness.

News of wisdom teeth, the third and last set of molars that most people develop during the late teens and early twenties, often leaves patients shivering in the dentist's chair. The words, "It's time to get your wisdom teeth removed," is never a really welcome prescription. Powell OH emergency dentist Dr. Jerry Cheung advises patients that it can be a painless process, with quick healing results, that should not be avoided if a dentist advises an extraction is in order.

Dr. Cheung comments, "All dentists know that many patients dread any news of oral surgery or extractions. I make it my job to put patients at ease and help them understand that removing them when their teeth and gums are healthy is much better than the alternative—after the wisdom tooth has caused an issue or when we're older and slower at healing. In addition, during the procedure, I prescribe oral sedation to relax the patient."

Dr. Cheung, hospital-trained at The Ohio State University for oral surgery, recommends that wisdom teeth should be removed between the ages of 16 and 23. Healing gets more difficult over time, making this stage in patient's life most ideal. However, patients of any age should have wisdom teeth removed for better overall dental health according the the Powell Ohio dentist.

Wisdom teeth can cause serious health issues when left ignored. If the wisdom teeth become misaligned and position themselves horizontally, the rest of the teeth in the mouth become crowded, sometime damaged, and other issues can arise such as jawbone discomfort and nerve damage. In addition, wisdom teeth can become impacted or enclosed within soft tissue or the jawbone. If the wisdom tooth partially breaks through the soft tissue, bacteria can infest the area and ultimately infect the tooth causing massive pain.

Patients may not experience any pain at all as the wisdom teeth develop and shift. Dr. Cheung advises patients to go in for regular check ups so that the dentist can take an X-ray to determine if the teeth exist and if they will cause issues.

Dr. Cheung will offer a 20% off discount on wisdom tooth extractions throughout the month of March 2016. To redeem this offer, mention this article.

Those seeking Powell Ohio emergency teeth removal or a Powell Ohio emergency dentist should contact Dr. Jerry Cheung at or 614-799-9140.

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