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DJ Justin Hoffman Opens Holistic House Las Vegas To Help Addicts the Holistic Way


An alternative to the traditional sober living transition model, Holistic House employs natural herbs, organic foods, orthomolecular nutrition, vitamins, reiki, daily practice of yoga and meditation and other natural modalities to aid addicts with a healthy transition phase between detox and return to daily life at home.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 16, 2016

Justin Hoffman, an opiate addict of 19 years was able to defeat his addiction, and now he has found a calling to help others and does just that by welcoming suffering addicts into his home.

This ex-addict is a high-profile DJ, his house is in Henderson and his remedies are all-natural. Enter Justin Hoffman and his newly opened Holistic House ( The 46-year-old ex-Light Group music programmer's alternative to the sober living model pairs natural remedies such as herbs with daily yoga and meditation to transition recovering addicts through the rough period between detox and normal life.

While in a deep depression, he saw a VICE documentary about the hallucinogen Ibogaine, which is an alternative way to treat addiction. Hoffman jumped at the first chance to try the treatment.

Following his epiphany, circumstances turned Hoffman from a recovered addict to a philanthropist, and opened Holistic House in July to help other addicts and spread the message of holistic medicine. Like his uncle, Abbie Hoffman, who stirred the world as a political and social activist, Justin aims to make a positive contribution to society.

Take a tour of Hoffman's home, and you'll find it's vastly different from other sober houses and rehabs. It's got the kind of easygoing sanctuary vibe that complements Hoffman's natural remedies. It has high ceilings, earth tones, a grand staircase and wafts of sage smoke. "Holistic House wants people to feel like they're at peace when they come here, instead of a low-level prison; treating them like human beings, especially when they're going through so much." Clients can use boxing dummies to let off steam and a swimming pool to unwind.

Hoffman's path to recovery post-Ibogaine—what he calls "after-care"—comprises a rigorous schedule of daily yoga, exercise and organic, home-cooked meals.

Hoffman does have to limit the number of clients, though. He argues that it's an issue of quality control; he wants to make sure each person receives the optimal amount of care on their paths to recovery.

Throughout their program they also like to include activities such as going on nature hikes at Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, and other landmarks located in Las Vegas. They also like to implement some fun stress free activities such as bowling, going to the movies, playing mini golf, etc. These fun activities help the clients have an easier transition into regular life outside our program once they have completed it.

The house is currently taking applications for new residents. The program costs vary depending on the room the clients want and the total stay, starting from $6,695 for 30 days.

For any more questions, please contact Justin through email at service(at)holistichousevegas(dot)com or at his personal phone number (702) 275-3301.

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