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Nadel Paris, Twitter and Instagram Sensation, with a new LP out in May 2016 -- distributed by Tony Bucher and Universal Music


Careers can blossom on the net, but the music, the material, the production need to be there #nadelparis

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 13, 2016

About Nadel Paris's New Album FREEDOM.
Announcing the album release at the end of April 2016!

Meanwhile, check out Nadel Paris's EP:

Nadel Paris has a voice which everyone remembers the minute they hear it! She has a warm very distinct sound. Impossible to hear her vocals, and not immediately follow her on one of her social media sites. Hence, after a bunch of months with her Twitter and IG up, and an EP out, distributed by Tony Bucher, at Seven13 Music, and Universal Music, Nadel Paris has roughly 300,000 very active followers on Twitter, 50,000 on IG, and three videos, two of them featuring KXNG Crooked I, Fresh Beats, with around 1.2 million views combined.

Nadel Paris is not just an amazing vocalist, she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, actor, and a screenwriter.

Here are two of her music videos, featuring Rapper KXNG Crooked I. The videos quickly became YouTube sensations!

Nadel Paris is an American citizen born and raised in France. Canada loved her immediately from Toronto and Vancouver to Quebec. Her new LP, not unlike the EP, but all new beats, is like a pig, the French would tell you: There are no bad parts. She would hate that analogy, as she is a vegan, but Nadel Paris, whose two hit songs for her EP are now getting radio spins everywhere, including Japan, will make her big mark this upcoming month of May with her new album.

Speaking of nada bad --and she has a beat on the album, which is EDM/Pop/Salsa, #Armando, where she also sings in Spanish, her six beats for the LP, are hit songs. That's not just me talking, JT. That is what her distribution peeps are saying. And their track record says they are always right! Another beat #Freedom, is the main single to the album, and is a "bring down the house" mix between EDM and Pop. Then she has a very original hit song #RockinJapan, which will be doing just that, when Nadel goes to Tokyo in April/May, for the promotion of the LP.

Produced by DJ Dario M and Nadel Paris. Just know that the excellent beats above for the videos, are a great example of her wide range, but the upcoming LP with her ballad #SetMeFree will touch your very soul! She sings in unaccented American English and unaccented French from well, Paris. And also again, in Spanish. No, no Japanese yet, but this international star says she is working on it!

I know, this all sounds like a huge sales pitch for Nadel Paris's upcoming album. And it probably became that, actually, as I was writing this. As a music critic and a music lover. I absolutely fell out of my chair when I heard, her new album! And with those beats, you can't stay put anyway! Two more hits are house #DoYouFeelMe and #Phantasm. Part of the tenderloin in the pig. Nothing is spare ribs, once again! The music is definitely pop, with EDM, House music, and of course, Dance Music.

Initially, I was just going to talk about how the Internet can create a career. Indeed, Nadel Paris started it all by uploading herself, a couple a beats to, and the phone started ringing.. But when she met label owner Tony Bucher, she and her partner DJ Dario M,k new that the pair had become a trio. Nadel Paris's bro DJ Dario M, has worked with Nadel for some time, and their collaboration creates nothing by hit songs. What needs to be said about this is that Tony Bucher brought the business edge and his contacts. Now, a star is born, with videos played on MTV. Her EP featured on Amazon and itunes.

Nadel Paris turned 36 last November. "It's about time", she says. At age 12, she was a recording artist in France with EMI. Her sound, already amazing then, has matured into something you can't imagine. She is a real artist, well traveled, as she has lived in Paris, New York, LA and Newport Beach. Life has brought her experiences which she moans about, as she groans and then belts out in a way which you won't expect even after reading this. A published author, Nadel Paris has studied advanced writing studies in UCLA, and she loves to surprise the public with her outstanding lyrics and catchy but meaningful rhymes. Don't say I didn't warn everybody!
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