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Quest of the Keys Non Profit Announces Ambitious 10-Year Goal in First Corporate Video


Scotty Sanders is founder of the newly formed nonprofit organization Quest of the Keys and the author of the titular fantasy novel.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 16, 2015

On December 8, 2015, Scotty Sanders and the Quest of the Keys nonprofit board released their official corporate video, part of a new corporate sponsorship drive. Sanders wants to communicate the vision and mission statement for the nonprofit to potential corporate sponsors and community advocates.

"Our new video gives me an opportunity to share our mission to empower the next generation in a very personal way to potential corporate sponsors," Sanders said. "It is my hope that the vision of Quest of the Keys will resonate well to the viewer through this video so that we can expand the reach of Quest and see more and more young people's lives changed in a positive way!"

In the new video, Sanders also announces the ambitious goal of empowering one million members of the next generation by 2025. He originally wrote his debut fantasy novel to teach self-improvement and leadership development training to teens and pre-teens, and the new nonprofit creates a formal organization to further support that mission.

Sanders strongly believes that when young people feel empowered, they stop being victims of their circumstances and start creating opportunities for themselves. Furthermore, Sanders hopes that by empowering students they will be less likely to drop out of high school, cause less interpersonal and classroom drama, and start living with passion.

Not only are 75-90% of the crimes in the U.S. committed by high school drop outs, but young people who drop out lose access to most jobs while also experiencing vastly increased health risks.

"That's why our vision at Quest of the Keys is to empower one million of the next generation by 2025," Sanders says in the video. "By helping them to discover their purpose, unlock their potential, and live with passion. So our mission is to empower the next generation by providing relevant, character development resources."

Already, the Quest of the Keys novel is being used in classroom curriculums around the world. In addition to the new corporate video, Sanders has announced that all January sales of Quest of the Keys and supplemental education tools will be used to fund the new nonprofit.

Recently, the Quest of the Keys board decided it would be beneficial to create a separate website for the nonprofit. That website will go online in January 2016 and include a listing of the board of directors, advisory team, and everything sponsors would wish to learn about the group.

The video is available now on YouTube and the media section of The video was produced by videographer Zach Worley and the group's creative director Kevin Lynam.

Finally, while the board continues to seek corporate sponsors and donations, Sanders is encouraging his fans to advocate for the novel within their schools and communities.

About Quest of the Keys

Quest of the Keys is a story for young readers that is not only engaging, but also encourages young readers to become leaders in their own right, and begin their own "quest" toward future success. Author Scotty Sanders has 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business leadership. To learn more, visit

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