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A Decade of Progress: CareerSource South Florida Sets High Standards of Excellence


Empowering people to do their best and to be their best 24/7 is one of many driving forces behind the strength and leadership of CareerSource South Florida. It is one of the key reasons why the agency has experienced a tremendous turn around. Just over 10 years ago, the agency was nearly in ruins and about to be handed over to the state, but now it is regarded as one of the most productive employment and training agencies in the nation.

Every day, thousands of people go to CareerSource South Florida for employment and training assistance to further their plans of entering, remaining and advancing their careers. Additionally, corporations, small businesses and organizations receive the valuable staffing and human resources assistance they need. Together, a strategic partnership is formed helping to strengthen and grow the South Florida economy into a healthy and thriving enterprise.

Leadership at its Finest

Determined to set and maintain the highest standards of excellence, Rick Beasley, a dynamic and forward thinker, has served as the agency's Executive Director since 2005. Prior to taking the helm, the University of Missouri-Columbia graduate served as the Director of the Missouri Division of Workforce Development. He left that agency with glowing recommendations and came to South Florida, setting his sights on both enhancing the skills of the workforce and expanding the job opportunities for them.

The dedicated governing board of CareerSource South Florida quickly charged Rick Beasley, and his leadership team of qualified and committed men and women, to roll up their sleeves and transform the agency to its current levels of productivity and national prominence. "Our underlining goal is to help communities attract and retain businesses and make our region a better place to live, work, and do business," states Beasley. "In doing so, we value the business community - the lifeline of our economy – the jobs they create and the dollars that are invested back into our communities. Most of all, the employees are able to gain skills that are transferable and can be applied elsewhere in the future."

Beasley's effective leadership efforts have been noticed throughout the state and our nation. Earlier this year, Mr. Beasley was elected President of the United States Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council (WDC). Heralded as a significant accomplishment by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carols A. Gimenez, who went on to describe it as "an extraordinary honor and it should be a vote of confidence in the abilities and outstanding efforts on addressing workforce development issues in our community."

Mr. Beasley's exemplary leadership and management skills have been observed by many of Beasley's staff and colleagues. The same people who join forces with Mr. Beasley and his passion for progress are moved greatly by his commitment to bring out the best in the members of the team.

Team on a Mission with a Unified Vision

Transparency, ethics and equality are the key qualities that guide Mr. Beasley and his leadership team - a team that is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced executives and senior officials and who are mostly women. These are some of the most critical qualities needed to build a team with a unified goal and vision to provide excellence in every aspect of their work. Many members "get it", says Marian Smith, the Assistant Director of Administration at CareerSource South Florida, who has reported directly to Mr. Beasley for 10 years. About his business practices and ethics, she says that, "He has high standards and expects the same from his staff. From my perspective, he has demonstrated no impartiality or bias toward women. He has treated both male and female employees equally. Most importantly, the improvements that have been implemented have strengthened the workforce delivery system to the community."

Tomara Graham, the Youth Programs Manager at CareerSource South Florida shares her views on Beasley and the organization: "As my direct supervisor, Mr. Beasley and I have a phenomenal working relationship. Mr. Beasley has always treated me fair, with respect and is always supporting my efforts. He continues to motivate me and other members of the staff to do our very best. He praises the team - both male and female, for our services and efforts in sustaining south Florida's workforce. He models strong leadership and high expectations and I have benefited greatly as a result of his mentorship. Mr. Beasley's leadership attributes have positively impacted my success at CareerSource South Florida."

Liz Santis, the IT Manager at CareerSource South Florida, discussed her candid thoughts on Mr. Beasley and the organization as a whole. "The character of a person comes out when they share what's most important to them," says Santis. As the agency's IT Manager, she took note of Mr. Beasley's decision process for computer services and other IT needs. "He said to me that first and foremost, our client's were the most important, then the staff; and then he said to place him last on the list. You know that that says to me? That he places his needs behind everyone else's needs – after his staff. That's compassion – a person with a heart and a desire to help others first."

Ms. Santis went on to share that, "Mr. Beasley treats both men and women the same way. Sometimes he challenges you to excel as he should because he's a tough boss with high expectations from everyone on the team. In government, sometimes people just do what they have to do to get by, but here – under him – he expects you to give 150% present – and that's fine with me. Others may have a hard time at that, but he and the team have brought the corporate way of thinking and working to this organization, and it shows."

Myria Morgan, the former Youth Program Manager who retired earlier in the year, says, "Mr. Beasley took the organization from a failing state agency to a thriving organization. Under his leadership, and that of his dedicated staff, the agency implemented many positive and effective strategies that have and are still proving to be the key cornerstone of the largest workforce region in the state. The staff and agency are performing high levels of quality and productive services to the community, along with its partners.

Ms. Morgan reported directly to Mr. Beasley and shared that "During my time at CareerSource South Florida, I did not experience any type of opposition or inequality. And from my observations, Mr. Beasley treated staff fairly and was not biased toward females or males. Mr. Beasley was always committed to the task of building CareerSource South Florida as the best in the state and the nation. His endeavors inside and outside of the agency are a reflection of that commitment."

A Decade of Progress

Among the key accomplishments of CareerSource South Florida are:

  • Seven years of clean audits (no material weaknesses and findings identified). The 2014-15 audit is not completed; however, currently there are no findings or material weaknesses identified.
  • Generated 1.15 billion of salaries and wages in the Miami-Dade and Monroe County economies.
  • For every $1 dollar invested in employment and training services, the region receives a $34.51 return on investment.
  • Increased the number of jobseekers being placed into jobs/careers: 12-13 – 60,379 (12.6 percent of all the placements within the state of Florida); 13-14 – 74,801 (15.9 percent of all the placements within the state of Florida); 14-15 – 76,552 (17.2 percent of all the placements within the state of Florida).
  • Increased the number of employers services to businesses: 12-13 – 4,784 (11.3 percent of the number of employers served within the state of Florida); 13-14 – 16,747 (16.5 percent of the number of employers served within the state of Florida); 14-15 – 21,435 (17.2 percent of the number of employers served within the state of Florida).
  • Reduced the cost to place job seekers into jobs/careers from $844 dollars to $586 dollars.
  • Developed and implemented an on-line real time Balance Scorecard to evaluate the performance of the Career Center and Refugee contracted providers.
  • Implemented on-line real time Consumer Report Card to evaluate the performance of Region's Training Vendors.
  • More than half a million unemployed Floridians, or seven out of 10 unemployed individuals, who completed service in fiscal year 2012-2013 found new jobs.
  • Those newly employed full time earned $11,445 more on average in their new jobs compared to their previous jobs, a 56-percent increase in their earnings.
  • Job seekers who went to work in a new job after being assisted by the network received more than $9.8 billion in total annual earnings.
  • The network assisted more than 60,000 veterans.
  • Based on the November Monthly Job Placement report, CareerSource South Florida placed 6,027 people into jobs, which is a 5 percent increase over November 2013. CareerSource South Florida is the only workforce region in Florida to increase the number of job seekers placed into employment in the month of November. The Monthly Job Placement Report was released by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Powerful Partnerships

To facilitate such successes, CareerSource South Florida recognizes Florida businesses as its primary customer and seeks to deliver the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time. Statewide and regionally, CareerSource South Florida works closely with education and training providers, industry, economic development entities and community development organizations to meet the emerging and future talent demands of employers for a ready and skilled workforce.

CareerSource Florida is a powerful, statewide network of workforce professionals who help employers hire, train and keep the best employees and help job seekers and workers advance their careers. The agency works closely with all types and sizes of businesses — many in key industries with growth potential — looking to hire new talent. Based on a job seeker's education, skills, experience and goals, CareerSource South Florida guides them through every step of the process: developing a compelling resume, preparing for interviews, researching companies and openings, training for a career that's in high demand in their area, and attending recruitment events.

One of the many benefits of working with CareerSource Florida is its statewide reach. Businesses can promote their openings and recruit new talent from across Florida, and job candidates can search for career opportunities throughout the state. The real value comes in the customized services delivered by professionals who live and work in South Florida communities. Beasley and his team understand individual labor markets and works with local businesses and community partners who share their priorities. They have partnerships with universities, state colleges, vocational schools and K-12 systems; and they play a strategic role in regional economic development.

Mr. Rick Beasley and his dedicated leadership team are united and on a mission to provide the south Florida community with exceptional training and employment opportunities services. They take their work very seriously, and it is expected of the entire team to do so as well. It is because of the innovative and forward thinking applied by this team that this organization has been able to success and thrive.

As a leader in developing and implementing workforce strategy, the CareerSource South Florida team advances a number of initiatives to elevate and enhance the delivery of critical employer and job-seeker services throughout Florida. This includes expanding business engagement, employer training grants, and aligning the statewide brand. It is CareerSource South Florida's emphasis on workforce quality which affirms its focus on developing a world-class workforce with high standards of excellence that are second to none.

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