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Coca-Cola Recycle & Win Program to Promote Increased Recycling in Louisville


Want to make a difference for the environment and have a little fun doing it? Well, that's exactly what can happen when Louisville resident take part in Coca-Cola Recycle & Win – a unique public private partnership designed to increase local recycling rates.

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Set to kick off October 16th, Coca-Cola Recycle & Win helps save tax dollars, protects the environment, and rewards residents with a $50 Kroger gift card if "caught" recycling the right way.

"Our Sustain Louisville plan includes a goal of diverting 90 percent of recyclable material away from our landfill by the year 2042," said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. "We believe the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program will help us make progress toward that goal."

"Any increase in recycling rates saves tax dollars in the long run by extending the life of landfills," said Keith Hackett, Metro Public Works Assistant Director for Solid Waste Management. "We know that other communities have achieved increased recycling with the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program."

The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated have invested over $150,000 in the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program, which includes a direct mail educational packet sent to all single-family households in Louisville the week of October 16th.

The educational packet will contain an official "Give It Back" sticker along with images highlighting which materials SHOULD go in your recycling container. Residents must place the "Give It Back" sticker on one of their recycling containers to be eligible for a chance to win a $50 Kroger gift card. Additional packets and stickers will be available for pick up at Kroger stores throughout Louisville.

"Coca-Cola is proud to bring the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program to Louisville," said Lauren Steele, senior vice president, corporate affairs, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated. "The Coca-Cola Company believes it is essential to educate everyone on the importance of recycling and recycling properly. We also believe that recycling should be a rewarding experience, and what better way to encourage people to recycle than by giving them an opportunity to be a winner!"

The official Recycle Patrol will begin visiting area neighborhoods the month of October in an effort to "catch" households which are recycling properly and will award a total of 270 Kroger $50 gift cards throughout the six-month program.

"At Kroger, we believe it is both our privilege and obligation to engage in our communities, protect the environment and have a positive economic impact. Over the years we've implemented numerous programs in all phases of our operations designed to improve efficiencies and otherwise lessen our impact on the environment," said Penny Goddin, vice president of merchandising, Kroger. "Recycle & Win is a great program because it offers an incentive for community members to develop positive recycling habits while bringing additional attention to the importance of recycling."

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated is the largest independent Coca-Cola Bottler in the United States. The Company is a leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of soft drinks.

Coca-Cola Recycle & Win!

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